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Sorry for the delay.  I finished the story tonight - though the last bit might be a little rough.  I hope you enjoy it as Cole plays with his buddies.  Things are busy here so might be a while till the next part.  If you enjoy it be sure to let me know.    Later.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Cole Grows 35 - Muscle Blimp Toys

Joe had been forgotten for the moment.  Sky gasped when he noticed the grunting man.   Joe was stretched out across the floor grunting and groaning.   He looked as if he was trying to hulk out of the skin tight dry suit.  His soaking wet suit squeaked against the floor as he tried to roll over to get up only to slip and fail,dropping back with a moan.  To Joe his shoulders suddenly felt six feet wide as if he had a fence post shoved under the tightening dry suit making it just that much harder to move naturally.  His moans and grunts sounded to his audience as if he was enjoying the craziness a bit too much.  Joe reached out an extremely jacked arm for the side of the boat, trying to sit up so he could see what had happened to Lon.

Sky’s shock melted into laughter.  “You both got inflatable suits on!  What a couple of clowns.”  Cole and Joe both glanced up at Sky who was filming it all with his phone as he poked a toe into the clumsy man's swollen thigh as if expecting him to feel like a balloon.

Joe grunted, “I don’t feel so good”, as he failed again and bounced down on his thickening back.  Joe’s muscles were fighting for room under the thick suit, blistering its surface as if it was some heavy-duty shrink-wrap. “Cole this pump is going crazy.”  He hissed.  “I got to get out of this suit.”

There was a bumping and scratching against the side of the boat just then.  Cole stepped over Joe and looked over the side.  Sky lowered his phone and reached down to help Joe to his feet.

Lon was floating face down.  “I can’t roll over.  What the fuck is going on?” He was twisting his bull neck as far as he could but still could barely see Cole.  He was floating so high in the water his chin barely dipped into the cold lake as he bobbed up and down with the waves.

Cole said, “Force your legs down under the water.  It should pull you upright. Grab hold of the ladder.”  

Sky forgot Joe in his haste not to miss any of the wild action.  The simple man slipped on the wet floor and slid back down on his wide back as Sky stepped over him, holding his phone out filming his floating housemate.  “You’re blowing up like a balloon, big guy.  No such thing as too much muscle, right?”  He laughed.  “This is some crazy shit.  Wait till the others see you two fuck-twits!”

Lon forced his head up as if he had forgotten Skylar was in the boat.  He then pushed his legs under the surface.  It took a couple tries but he used his strength to force them under.  Cole’s coaching was right.  The move seemed to shift the pressure in his mega-muscled body somehow. Suddenly his upper body rose up and sat back down in the water with a splash.  Lon was righted with his head up. The big man lost his tentative hold on the ladder as he bobbed like a cork with a splash. The new position made the pressure grow in his arms and upper body.  He’d never had as crazy a pump as this. He really felt blown up with air. The nervous man was looking down at his upper body as he felt it growing around him. He could actually see his muscles growing! The wild pumps were one thing: feeling your muscles tighten and your hands go numb, maybe some stiffness and clumsy movements but this was something else entirely.  He could see and feel his upper body ballooning up like somebody had stuck an air hose down his throat. He felt like a human balloon. Lon would steal nervous looks at Cole but was at a loss for words.  Sky standing next to his coach filming his transformation made it hard to talk freely. Not only had his upper body been gripped by some hyper bloat but something was going on with his legs under the water. Lon wasn't sure what. He could feel a tightening of the muscles but a relief too.  He could move his legs more easily the longer he floated. Soon they almost felt normal. He glanced up at his coach, “What’s happening to me?”  He cried in a more than nervous tone.

The wail brought a laugh from Sky who thought the goofy pair were just pranking like normal.  The pair were well known for their mugging and bullshit; especially since their transformation into muscle gods. “You’ve been bragging about your serious growth cycle, I guess you’ve just ramped it up to extremes.” He laughed as he enjoyed the show.  He stole a look over his shoulder at Joe trying to pull himself to his feet by climbing up on the back bench.  He made little progress as he slapped his overblown arms unable to grab on to anything.  Skylar had forgotten how much fun the two fuck ups could be when they got going.  This muscle suit prank was epic!

Lon tried to reach down to feel his thigh but his arm was too buoyant to force below the surface now.    The longer he floated beside the boat the higher he seemed to rise out of the water.  The waves were now lapping around his abdomen, several inches below his pecs.  Seconds before the water line had been lapping half way down his pecs. Not only that his shoulders felt wide as hell and his upper body must have been damn near as thick.  It felt like he was morphing into some sort of muscle bound island.   His head was becoming isolated among a mass of swelling mounds.  Lon was having trouble making sense of anything.  A fear hit him that he was somehow soaking up water like a human sponge, blowing his muscles up like water balloons.  But if that was the case he should be sinking lower in the water not rising higher!  Logic told him that wasn’t happening. The big man felt dizzy as he bobbed helplessly.  He almost felt as if his head was sinking into the ballooning mass of his upper body as he bobbed in the water.  His bull neck was settling in to the growing mass and soon his chest was rubbing against his stubble covered chin.  His thick chin was soon resting solidly in the V between his wildly swollen pecs. He felt as if his head might be sucked into all this swollen muscle if something didn't stop this bloating. “Get me out of here.”  He held a hand out to Cole but had floated too far away now.   Cole grabbed a long pole with a hook on the end and caught his plaything under the arm.  He pulled and guided the human pool toy along the side of the boat toward the ladder.

Luke swam up and handed his skis to Sky as Lon climbed the ladder. “You alright, big guy?”  He asked Lon but the nervous man didn’t reply.

The pressure dropped dramatically with each awkward step of the ladder as the air shifted down his body.  Lon gave Joe a shove with his foot as he stepped into the boat.  “Move.”  Sky reached down to finally help Joe to his feet as he grunted.  The two men now looked like they easily had a hundred pounds or more on Cole or Luke.  Their cold water suits were blistered with swollen muscle.  Their heavy arms hung stiffly at their sides pushed out by wide backs. They moved stiffly as the clueless Sky stepped up with a towel and started to wipe Lon down.  “Damn, toweling you off now that you got so big reminds me of getting my show steers ready to compete at the county fair”, the country boy joked.  “You two are hulking out like a couple of bulls.  Keep this up and you will look like human versions of those Belgian Blues that don’t have any myostatin in their systems so there muscles grow without any stopping.” The happy man laughed at the image of his pals swelled up like the hyper muscled bulls as he turned and spit a stream of tobacco juice into the lake before going back to rubbing down the flustered stud.

Sky’s intended comic comment had a startling effect on the two muscle obsessed men.  Lon and Joe’s eyes looked about as big as their muscles as they struggled to make sense of what was happening to their bodies.   Both wondered if Sky’s description might have some truth to it.  Lon looked at Cole, “What’s going on with us?  That pump aid is fucked up.  Look at me!”

Luke had swam after Lon’s skis and now was handing them up to Sky who was still laughing about the turn of events.  Sky laid the skis down and turned to the three tense men, “So where’d you get them inflatable muscle suits?  That is some crazy shit.”

Luke climbed into the boat with more water raining in and pooling on the fiberglass floor before it ran out of drain slots in the back of the boat.  The boat settled even lower into the water under the weight of five big men.  The four bodybuilders ignored Sky as they looked at one another.  Cole said, “The sup didn’t do this with me or Luke.  You guys look like blimps.”  He laid a hand on Joe’s shrink-wrapped right pec blistering the thick rubber.  “You still pumping up?”

Joe grunted without words and eyes full of fear.  Cole could feel his pec growing and his suit was giving off stretching noises.  Joe said, “I have to get out of this suit.  It’s crushing me.”

Sky jumped in to the conversation again as he too started poking bloated muscles and slipping into the center of the group for a closer look.  “You guys look like Batman and Robin in those dive suits. Well hyper muscled Batman and Robin.  Is that what this is, some kind of inflatable superhero ski gear?”

Lon sounded testy now as he pushed the man toweling him off aside, “I’m telling you, it’s that fucked up pump aid doing this.  We were fine till you gave us that!”

"Gave them what?"  Sky asked with a dopey grin. He was dying to get brought up to speed. “These muscle suits belong to you and Luke?”

Cole ignored their old friend.  He looked at Lon with a serious look, “I’m sure your double dosing had nothing to do with it either.”

Joe and Lon’s eyes met as if they had just received the worse possible news.  “You…you…got to get a hold of somebody…call somebody who will know what to do.  There has to be something we can take to deactivate this or counteract it.”

Cole said, “Just calm down,” as he picked up his phone from a cubby hole in the dash. He swiped his smart phone shutting down their inflation as he handed the phone to Luke.  “They are right, maybe you better call your buddy.  He’ll know what to do.”  It was all he could do not to grin at the big mechanic.  Luke took the phone and walked up to the front of the rocking boat where it was quieter and made a make believe phone call.

There was a lot of noise in the seating area at the back of the boat.   The squeal of the neoprene covered feet on the wet plastic floor, Joe’s grunting, Sky’s chuckling and ignored chatter as he tried to get up to speed, and the tortured sounds of over filled neoprene.

“Just relax, Luke will find out what to do.”  Cole said as he handed out fresh beers.

“So come on guys, what is this?  Some pranking to liven up the party?  Those inflatable suits must have cost a fortune.  They look so fucking real.”

“They are real”, Lon barked with a nervous tone.  “I mean it’s no muscle suit, bro.  It’s us.”  He slowly sat down on a bench across the back of the boat.  The move made him look even bigger as his muscles bunched up and squeezed in around his head as he leaned forward and rested his forearms on his thighs.  Finally as if he had no other choice of action, Lon popped open the beer.

Skylar hooted, “Yeah, right. Nobody is going to fall for that but you guys should get Oscars for the effort. This is awesome!  Seriously, what is this really?  I won’t let on with the others.  I can play along too like your muscles just started blowing up.  You can trust me. This is going to be classic!”

Joe started into the story of their transformation and supplementation.  Cole interrupted, “Joe it’s supposed to be secret.  Especially now, if there is a problem.  We could get in trouble for sharing this stuff with you guys!  Luke and I were the only ones cleared for the trials.  If it turns out that the stuff is fucked up somehow there could be hell to pay.  How many other people have you told?”

“Nobody… but this is Skylar!  We can trust him besides he’s seen what’s happening.  It’s not like we can pretend this isn't happening!”  Joe barked testily.

Lon grunted, "Hell, I think everybody here is going notice this!"  He threw his over muscled arms wide as he leaned back into the seat before drowning his fears with more beer.

Cole looked at Skylar as if he was debating what to do.  “Ok but you have to keep this a secret.  Nobody can hear the truth.”

Sky seemed suspicious as he said, “Sure…whatever you say.  So what are you guys talking about?  I want to know.”

The three of them launched into the ‘story’ of Lon and Joe’s transformation.  Lon and Joe talked over top of one another as if racing to fill Sky in on as many details as they could, capping the story off with the rapid effects that had hit since leaving shore.  As they talked from time to time Luke’s voice could be heard.  “So it is probably just a short term side effect…yeah, yeah…rest and plenty of water…”  The whole boat fell silent when he said, “But here’s the thing.  These guys have been double dosing on the program for weeks… even the protein maximizer.  They both took two pellets maybe a week or ten days apart…yeah ok…You sure?...That bad huh?”

Skylar broke in, “So you’re telling me this is real?  Their muscles are really swelling up like that under them dive suits…like balloons?”  He spit another stream of tobacco into the lake as if dazed by the revelation.

Cole nodded but then his face brightened as if he was just hit with a great idea.  “But I think Sky’s on to something here.  You guys should just act like you are wearing some crazy assed inflatable muscle suits for shits and giggles.  It’s a perfect cover, see what I mean?  Till we get things figured out and shrink you back to normal.”

Sky added, “Well I was sure that was what you were doing but shouldn’t we get them to a hospital or a doctor or something?”  His tone had changed as he looked at the two neoprene coated muscle freaks.  Sky was dead serious now.

“Luke will find out if we need to take them.  His buddy at the testing lab will know what to do but the local hospital won’t know shit about this.  You’d just lay there for a day or two while they look into the Program and try to figure it out before they try to treat you.  By then you might be back to normal.  If you need that kind of treatment Luke’s buddy will probably have you come to their labs.  Besides you want this to come out in the press?  I can just imagine how it would be spun if we showed up at the hospital.  They would try to make you poster boys for muscle building supplements abuse.”

Joe and Lon both seemed skeptical.  Lon grunted, “Sounds like a lot of maybes.”  Joe said as he eased his bulk down to sit on the side of the boat, “I was hoping to get out of these dive suits. It feel like I’m pumping up in a full body cast or…or like a car tire…or something.”

Cole said, “I doubt that will happen until you shrink down a bit.  Those zippers have to be under so much pressure right now.”  He stepped behind Joe and tried to open the heavy zipper across his shoulders.  There had been slack in the area when the zipper was closed.  Now the whole area was blistered with swollen muscle. The zipper was covered in a tight roll of material and took some effort to uncover.  Cole’s efforts bounced and jerked the man around. Sky stepped up to help as both men tried to uncover the clasp.  Joe’s hulking back was torturing the zipper and pulled the material tight as skin.  His swollen traps forced deep dips in the metal track in several places.  Sky gave Lon’s a try after the freed Joe’s clasp but the zipper down the center of his back but fared no better.   He tugged until his fingers hurt but the heavy zipper didn’t budge.  For now the guys were stuck inside the cold water suits.

“Just cut the suits off.”  Lon demanded.

Cole said, “Dude, Luke borrowed these from his pals.  You got a spare couple thousand lying around to replace them with?  These were custom made.  Captain Spandex already ruined one of their vests.”

Lon countered, “They are probably going to pop anyway, the way we are pumping up.”

To prove him wrong, Cole grabbed a pinch of his suit and pulled.  The material stretched out several inches before snapping back when released.  “There’s still plenty of give, besides walking around in a Speedo with your tats showing is going to make the muscle suit ploy a hard sell.  For another thing these suits might just be only thing holding it all in and keeping you from blowing up like a lard assed beach ball.”

That comment brought a shared worried look between the roommates.  Joe added with despondent tone, “He’s right, Lon.  We’re fucked.”  Just then his stomach growled loud enough for all to hear.  He turned his large eyes on Sky.  “Can you get me that cooler.  I’m starving.”

Lon was testy and wanted somebody to blame this all on.  He grabbed piece of cold chicken from the cooler as Joe bit into another.  “That fucked up pump aid is probably why we are so hungry today too!”

Cole shrugged his shoulders, “You’ve been eating non-stop since you got here.  You just took that pump aid thirty minutes ago.”

Lon began to soften his resistance.  “So how is this muscle suit bullshit going to fool anybody?  I mean we are spontaneously pumping up.  It’s not like we have hoses hooked up to an air tank.  If that pumps aid hits again we are going to blow up in front of everybody.”

Joe joined in as if Lon’s comment brought up a whole new set of troubles. “Yeah, cause if it’s these custom made ski suits that are blowing up, then why do you guys look normal?  They will expect you guys to do it too.”

Sky jumped in, “Ok…ok… so here’s the thing: the muscle suits they wear under the ski gear inflate automatically through a concealed pump that looks like a belly button.  Problem is you two didn’t realize when you put on the dive over top the inflatable gear that the tight suits would activate the controls on your bellies just moving around. See!  Now that jerking around on skis make you blow up like muscle freaks, you can’t make them deflate cause the controls are trapped under all that rubber.  If your supplements make you pump up more, just play it off like the tight neoprene turned the pumps on again… if that hyper muscle pumps relaxes, well then…you are getting control back and hopefully you will shrink enough to get out of the suits.  Then just act like it was just for fun.”  Sky grinned, happy to help as best he could.  “So what do you think?”

Cole rocked his head.  “Makes about as much sense as anything.”

Sky laughed, “Perfect sense actually.  Just like something these dumb fucks would do. I mean think about it! Remember when they threw the firecrackers down the trash chute in Sophie’s sorority to scare everybody and started the fire?”  The memory drew laughs and moans as the four plotted over beers.

Lon belched and tossed his empty beer can aside as he held his arm out for another.  His other hand dropped into the bucket of chicken beside him.  “Ok, no need to go there…”

As they debated their options and past fuck-ups, Luke stepped up with the phone in his hand.  “Well we got good news and bad news.  Roger said that it shouldn’t be too serious.  That you should rest and drink a lot of water to flush your systems out.  He thought in a day or two you should be back to normal.  But when I told him about the double dosing he said that it could be weeks as long as you have been heavy supping before you are back to normal.  He recommended staying on regular doses though as quitting cold turkey had other problems.  Oh…and he said to lay off the pump aid until you were back to normal.”

“So except for these crazy pumps, we are ok?”

“Sounds like it.  He told me that they ran tests on lab rats where they gave them crazy amounts of the stuff for months at a time with no long term side effects beyond them blowing up to the size of little roided up, Chihuahuas sized Bull Mastiffs with the mobility of basketballs.”

“So when he said weeks…what did he mean by weeks?  We’re just gonna look like we gained a hundred pounds this morning for the next few weeks?”  Lon’s voice sounded as if he hoped that might be the worst of it.  He hardly got the words out before he felt that heavy trembling he got lately when he trained hard or the odd pumps hit.  Today it felt as if he had a diesel engine rumbling in his chest.  His eyes shifted to Joe immediately.  One look at his best friend’s worried face was all he needed to know that the odd sensations were hitting Joe too.  He patted his thick chest and burped loud hoping it would stop.  He grunted, “Oh fuck.”

The sounds of their stretching cold water suits could be heard by all as the men started to grow again, Luke answered his question.  “No, he said at first you would be hit with random pumps like normal only they would be more extreme.  As saturated as your systems are and without knowing exactly how much of the Program supplements you have taken; he said he could only speculate at how much you might grow.  He said in the tests some of the rats tripled in size… a few alpha males types grew over four or five times in size.”

The two men were dazed by the news. They stared at their mechanic idol as if he said the side effects included a sudden sex change. Joe stammered, “We could end up like twenty-four feet tall?”  He had a sound of panic in his voice.

Luke snorted, “No you will stay the same height.  The supps aren’t taken in by your skeletal structure, it just affects soft tissue…your muscles, skin, organs and such.”

Joe said quietly, “Our cocks?”    He had been tugging at the suit around his huge bulge ever since he had sat on the edge of the boat.  The two freaks had pumped up everywhere and their cock bulges were as prominent as any other bulges straining their suits.  Luke just shifted his eyes with a slight grin.  There was no missing the pair’s huge packages as they sat gnawing on the chicken bones with arms as big as the legs of the others beside them.  The tight suits accentuated their huge packages.  Joe’s cock worries had continued to plague him.  He often cornered Cole to pepper him with innuendo filled comments and questions about his every growing junk.  Cole had fun blowing his junk up just to torture the guy.  As often as not he tightened the crotch of his pants when he got close to him on campus or gym, rather than give his muscles a secret pumping.  For his part Lon liked to pretend he had always been hung like a bull whenever Joe came by with his worries.  He played it off as tightness in certain areas of his pants had been a lifelong problem and that he hadn’t notice any change since starting the Program.

Luke continued, “He said you might get some relief by just soaking in the cool lake.  It might slow down the reactions.”

Lon growled, “Well fucking fantastic!”  He tossed his stripped clean chicken bone into the cooler.   “More time in the ice water.  Hey promise to chip a hole in the ice for us to breathe through when night comes.  Maybe you can get straws for us to breathe through and just let it freeze solid over us.”

There was laughter and catcalls from the beach.  Then a chant could be heard, “We want a ski show. We want a water show.”  There were calls of “Jump, Jump, Jump…” thrown in too.  The chants grew louder and louder until it was easily heard as the partying crowd acted as if they had come to be entertained.

“Well what do you want to do?”  Cole asked as they stood watching Lon and Cole slowly blowing up bigger and bigger.  Their suits made funny noises as they panted and complained, hoping their once loved pumps would slow down if not stop all together.

Lon bent forward and stuck his ass out.  “I want to fart so hard it creates a sonic boom and shrink back to normal. That’s what I want to do.”  Sky laughed loud at the imagery.  Joe had a troubled look on his face as if the whole situation was a bit too much for the happy guy to wrap his head around.  He seemed dazed as he felt his body growing bigger by the second.  He turned to Luke, “You said soaking in cool water might help?”

“Yeah, they said it might slow down the reaction and reduce the swelling.”

“Then maybe we ought to try that but out here behind the jump, so the others can’t see.  Maybe we can get back to normal before we go back into shore.”  

Lon looked disappointed but reluctantly agreed.  Luke took an anchor and dropped it to the bed of the lake with two ropes off it.  Lon snatched a neoprene hood from the box of loaned gloves and dive socks.  He raised his arms to pull it over his head but his over muscled arms and shoulders got in the way.  His bulging muscles now pressed against one another restricting his range of movement.  The tight suit didn’t help matters.  Cole stepped up and helped him up.   He pulled the hood down over his head and adjusted it until his thick lipped scruffy face appeared through the opening.   Lon pulled on gloves as Luke tied one rope to his right arm and the other to Joe’s.

Joe took to the ladder as he eased back into the lake.  Lon looked grouchy but sat on the side of the boat for a second before plunging into the water backward.  He hit with a big splash and bobbed stretched out on his back.  Joe looked over and saw him best friend and dropped backward off the ladder.  The two freaks floated high in the water on their backs as they were tethered by one arm to an unseen anchor.  Their suits were packed with swollen mounds approximating muscles as if being completely ripped at over 400 pounds and floating like a pool toy was natural.  

Luke was at the control of the boat.  “You guys ok down there?”

Lon gave a despondent, “Yeah” but Joe managed to sound a bit more upbeat.  “Sure.  Go have some fun, just don’t forget us when you go to shore.”

Lon barked, “Hey hand me down some chicken before you go.  I got to feed the beast.”  He slapped his bloat belly.  The others looked down at him as he pointed toward his chest.  “Pile it here.”  The two pneumatic muscle pool toys were floated on thickened backs until the back of their heads bare touched the water.  Their chests were well above the waterline.  Sky grabbed the bucket of chicken and reach down dropping a few pieces on his red camo coated chest, letting the meat rest between his swollen pecs.  “More…I’m still hungry.”  When Lon talked or bit into the fried chicken it looked as if he was flexing the thickened muscles in his face.  His chiseled features poking out of the hole in the neoprene hood only heightened the effect as he barked orders.

Sky laughed, “Well you have to eat to grow right.”

“Fewer clichés, more chicken.”  He patted his chest by his stash as he bit into a breast piece.  Joe reached out for the ladder.  “Me too.”  For his part, Lon seemed to have an extra mound blistering his suit as his unfillable muscle gut seemed to be swelling up like the rest of his body.  His quilted ball gut made a bowl for his food as it nuzzled under his equally blown up pecs.

By the time the boat pulled away the floaters had huge piles of fried chicken resting on their swollen torsos as they floated and ate. Fish began to appear around them, breaking the surface to swallow pieces of the crusty coating of the chicken that fell into the water as the muscle blimps floated while stuffing their faces.  Joe and Lon were oblivious to the feeding frenzy erupting around them.   It looked like the water was beginning to boil.  The three men watching had to chuckle as Luke looked over at Cole with a grin and mumbled, “That out of control muscle suit excuse is sort of ironic, isn’t it?”  Cole just shrugged his shoulders and smiled as they headed to the middle of the lake while Sky got ready for a turn skiing.

Lon and Joe floated as they tried to satisfy their undying hunger.  For a while they bobbed in silence.  Just the crunch of chicken and the distant sounds of the boat and crowd partying on shore interrupting their solitude.  The nearby splashing of the feeding fish might have caught the boy’s attention from time to time but their swollen bodies blocked any of their quick investigations.  Joe finally said with a mouth full, “I think my pump died.”

Lon grunted as he gnawed on another piece of chicken.

Joe added, "I think maybe I'm shrinking a little too.  Maybe this soaking helps."  The two helpless men were hooked together by their anchor lines so would float into one another from time to time then drift apart again before the ropes tied to their wrists would grow taunt.  Then they would start to drift back toward one another again.  Joe asked, “You shrinking any?”

Lon burped loud and tossed a stripped bone away with a plunk as it landed in the lake.  “I don’t know.”  He belched again.  “All I know is I never felt so hungry.  It’s like I can’t get filled up.”

“Well maybe you can’t.  Maybe your gut is as elastic as the rest of you so it keeps growing the more you eat.  Did you ever think of that?”

Lon thought for a moment.  Joe might have a point.  “Maybe so.”  It was surprising when the simple guy occasionally came up with some insight but then even a broken clock was right sometimes.  Lon belched again and looked over at his swollen buddy.  “Don’t you think it’s funny how we caught Cole all blown up in that inflatable muscle suit during the blizzard and now we got these fucked up out of control muscle pumps and we’re are supposed to pretend it some overblown muscle suits, we can’t  control?”

Joe ate for a while as he thought.  “Well actually I thought it was funnier when we caught Cole all blown up like that barely able to move…and when we fucked with him.  That was pretty funny.  I don’t think this is funny at all.  I’m kind of scared shitless, Lon…to be honest.  I mean what if this is like permanent…like maybe these muscle pumps don’t wear off or maybe we just keep getting bigger and bigger like some kind of circus freaks?  What if it gets so bad we swell up like thousand pound muscle monsters like those fat guys who can’t get out of their bathrooms.”  Joe shuddered as he strained to look at his best friend floating a couple yards away as he shared his fears only Lon could understand.  “I don’t think there is anything remotely funny about this Lon.  We shouldn’t have gotten greedy about growing and getting bigger than Cole.  We really fucked up big time.”

Lon grunted, “Don’t be a dumb ass, that’s not what I meant.  I just meant “funny’ like odd not funny, like a joke. Geez, Joe.”

Joe felt his cheeks blush and said, “Oh.”  He didn’t know why Lon always had to talk down to him like he was stupid or something.  “I guess so.”  They floated in silence again.  

Lon thought maybe he should quit eating for a while.  Joe was right; he probably wouldn’t feel full until they got back to normal.  He still had six or seven pieces of fried chicken on his chest.  Maybe he should just fight the cravings.  He had already made a good dent into the stash of food he had brought for his long awaited binge. If he kept eating like he had, the food might not last until night let alone two days. He bobbed in the water hoping to feel the lessening of pressure that Joe had claimed.  He still felt blown up as tight as a basketball.  He also felt a rumbling in his gut.  A hunger pang and not the nervous belly feeling that accompanied the extreme muscle bloats of the Program.  His belly quivered as if it had been days since his last meal.  He bobbed with the waves.  Then his willpower crumbled.  Lon bit into another piece of juicy chicken. “What I meant was isn’t it funny how Cole was fucking around in that muscle suit and now we look like we are, too.  Did you ever tell anybody about that night and his fucked up suit with the hoses in the suit’s belly button and ass?”

“No, he asked us not to.  I forgot about it till now.  We drank a lot those couple of days everything was shut down by the blizzard.  It isn’t all that clear except for my hangover.  Sky said I called him in the middle night that night of the snow storm.  He said I was slurring on about what a big bodybuilding stud Cole was or something.  He starting give me shit about earlier when they got here today.  I keep thinking he made it up cause I sure don’t remember calling anybody; especially to tell them that Cole is into bodybuilding.”  Joe bobbed on his back nibbling at the chicken for a minute in silence.  “You didn’t tell anybody about Cole’s suit did you?”

“No, it was too weird.  Nobody would believe it.  Everybody thinks Cole is such a stud. There was something really strange going on that night.  I have no doubts he never wanted anybody else to now about his suit - ever. Like he gets off by blowing up in the thing or something. I guarantee though if everybody starts riding us about this too hard, they will all hear about Cole’s secret.”  They floated and ate for a few minutes.  Just then there was the approaching roar of the boat engine.  It sounded as if they were about to be run over.  The blimps jumped and craned bull-like necks as they tried to look toward the sounds.  The human buoys just bounced and jerked at the lines as they paddled for a better view.  Just then the boat shot past.  The line was taunted, stretched out above them.  Then sounds of skies on plywood as Cole shot up the ramp and flew into the air with a hoot.  There was loud clapping and cheers drowning out the music from shore.  Then the wake of the boat hit, bouncing them up and down as waves rolled out.  Both men clung to the food piled on their chests but even their best efforts were too feeble to save it all.  They seemed to rock with the waves for some time.

When things finally calmed down again, Lon said, “You remember Cole said he would get revenge for us ruining his muscle suit and fucking with him that night?”  Lon laughed, “We spoiled his birthday.  How fucked up is that?  Putting on an inflatable suit and getting drunk alone?”  He laughed again.  “You think Cole is behind these extreme muscle pumps…you know like his payback for his birthday?”

Joe snorted, “Oh hell no.  Cole is just as worried as we are.  You saw him. I spend more time talking to him and he was serious about helping us get in shape.  If you weren’t always acting like a smart ass around him, you would notice how he wanted this for us as much as we did.  He’s been trying to make up for kicking your sorry ass, is all. You’re too stupid to notice.  Besides we are the ones who fucked this up by bingeing on the supps.  Cole didn’t have anything to do with that.  So how is this payback?”

“Take it easy,” Lon said with a chuckle to his voice, “Calm down, he’s my friend too.  You get all defensive every time I mention Cole.  I know you got a stiff one for him. That’s a given by now so you don’t need to prove anything to me. I’m surprised you don’t have your walls covered with autographed pictures of the guy. I was just wondering if he was behind this somehow…blowing us up.”

“Screw you.  Why you got to be like that? Always putting people down and making your comments.  Getting your little digs in, like a jealous bitch.”

“Damn.  I could get more stimulating conversation out of a brick wall.  They’re not quite as dense as you.”  Lon looked over at his bloated friend bobbing beside him.  He snorted.  He liked getting under Joe’s skin but it was so easy sometimes.  “I just call them like I see them and this seems kind of fishy to me.  That’s all I’m saying.”

“What, so you think Cole is sneaking in blowing us up somehow?  Maybe slipping into the house late at night to shove air hoses in our asses to pump us up while we sleep?  Remember this isn’t any muscle suit; our bodies are swelling up!”  He slapped his chest with a thud.  “Give me a break.”  It was Joe’s turn to snort and deride Lon.

“I’m just saying it all seems odd.  I have no idea what is going on but it just seems odd.  Cole made threats about revenge for weeks, then nothing.  Now it looks like we are going to spend the weekend blowing up like human balloon men in front of everybody.  Doesn’t that sound like a sweet revenge to you?  Forget all the how’s and whys.  Doesn’t it seem a bit funny?”  Lon gave another bone a toss.  The boat roared close and then Cole was launched into the air again, yelping loudly as water dripped down on them as he sailed through the air  with his legs wide before landing with a splash.  Lon caught Joe watching his idol with an odd look to his face.  He realized he was breaking through Joe’s denials and idol worship.

Lon continued on his line of thought.  “I think we should go along with this like nothing odd is happening.”

Joe snipped, “I think it’s a little late for that.  Look at me!  I’m blown up like a roided Michelin Man and so are you. I don’t think anybody is going to believe this is in anyway normal.”

“No listen hard here Einstein.  I’m saying, we act like everything is great.  These misfiring inflatable muscle suits are fun as hell.  A prank we planned that just got sweeter.  We couldn’t be happier with our prank getting fucked up.  We always wanted to be freaks now we really are.  Mug for the fans and play it up.  See, if Cole is behind this somehow he wants us all panicked and freaked out.  I’m saying we go along with the malfunctioning suit excuse and run with it, like it’s all good.  Then in private with Cole we act like these crazy assed muscle pumps are fucking awesome.  He has already assured us there is no real danger and that it might last for a while.   It all sounds kind of pat.  I say we don’t give into him at all, cause that’s what he wants.  I say we take this and run with it.  If we pump up bigger we act like it is the greatest thing ever.  As the day goes by we decide we like being complete freaks like we got used to it.  Eventually Cole will have to admit that he is behind it all…see.  We are too smart for him.  The plan is not to give him a moment’s satisfaction.”  Lon could see from Joe’s expression that he was thinking hard.

“So you don’t think this is serious?”

“Nope, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Cole is behind this somehow.  You just follow my lead.”  The roommates bobbed in the water, chowing down on fried chicken and comparing notes on the situation.  Soon even Joe was coming up with comments or actions of Cole’s that fed into the conspiracy theory.  All the while Cole and Luke took turns leaping over the pair as both showed off their serious water skiing skills.  They even got the less experienced Sky to jump.  His first try had him overcompensating on the rope killing his momentum as he hit the ramp.  He was jerked off his skis when the slack was taken up and launched off the end of the ramp lying flat.  A few other tries had the novice taking to the air and landing with more grace if not anywhere near the heights and showmanship of Luke and Cole.

Finally the boat slowed nearby.  Cole yelled, “How you doing over there?”

The two pneumatic freaks yelled back, “Fine.”  They had finished their chicken snacks and were just floated side by side as if the current situation wasn’t any less normal than enjoying the sun on a pair of air mats…only Lon and Joe were now blown up like human air mats.   Both had their arms resting on their bellies and Joe had crossed his ankles.  Their thick backs and blown up asses held their muscled waists out of the water, creating a bridge between their upper and lower bodies.

Sky went back to snapping pictures as Cole used the pole to reach out and snag their anchor rope.  Cole called out, “You ready to go in and warm up by the fire?”  He pulled the anchor off the lake bottom.


Lon added, “Sounds good.”

Cole was taken aback by their laid back moods.  Lon wasn’t even bitching about the cold anymore.  He and Luke exchanged a grin.  “Did the cold soak help with the swelling?”  Luke asked.

Joe said, “I think so”, in his perennially optimistic tone.  He gave Lon a smirk that Cole noticed.

Cole took the rope out of the hook on the pole.  He took the small anchor off the line but instead of pulling the blimps in, he tied the rope off on a chrome hook on the back of the boat.  He gave a wave to Sky at the controls.

The engine revved up and the ropes to their wrists grew tight.  Lon and Joe’s heads jerked up as the called out, “Hey, what are you doing?”  Knock it off.”  Their exclamations were ignored as the boat took off and they skidded across the water by one arm.   Through the splash and waves they could see Luke and Cole laughing as the trio took the blimps body surfing.  

Lon caught the rope with his free hand and pulled, rolling his body over.  By holding onto the rope he was able to pull his head out of the water and ride a crest of a wave with his broad shoulders and chest rising out of the water.  Joe still skidded back and forth on his back by one arm with a fan of water spraying off his shoulders and raining down over his head as he yelled and sputtered.  Lon yelled advice until Joe too had rolled over and held the rope in both hands gaining some control as they were pulled by the boat.

There was a wave of cheers and laughter as they appeared from behind the ramp with the two helpless muscle blimps.  The crowd laughed and enjoyed the show as the boat circled the jump out in front of the beach again and again.  “I wondered where Joe and Lon had disappeared to.”  Someone yelled.  “Now a tubing show.”  Another voice said, “I don’t think they’re tubing.  Looks like they blew up their dive suits.”  The crowd laughed and cheered as things became clearer as the ever faster flying freaks skidded around the lake yelling.  “Damn, look at those chests and arms!  I wonder what happened to them.”  One joked.  “Looks like they gained a little weight”, came a reply.  All enjoyed the effort and buzzed about this being another classic crazy stunt from the trio of buddies just to kick off the wild weekend.

Then the boat turned and headed toward shore.  The laughter and cheers grew and then fell into nervous titters as it looked as if Luke was going beach the boat into the crowd.  The group cheered when the boat veered off for another circle of the jump ramp.  Lon and Joe were hooting as it felt as if they hit top speed.  Then the ropes went slack as they saw Cole laughing as he released the rope from the boat.

Lon and Joe were free now skidding across the lake’s surface like stones.  The pair yelled as their swollen chests slapped into the surface.  They were heading straight toward the cheering group on the beach.  Everything was happening so fast.  The helpless blimps feared they would end up plowing face first into the sandy beach.  Their friends on the beach started to show signs of the same fears as they began to back and clear a path.

Just as quickly their momentum slowed as they sunk deeper and deeper into the water with each bounce.  Then they were tumbling before landing in the shallow water with a splash.  Lon was almost to his feet when he felt someone grab and pull him up.  A couple of the guys had rolled up their jeans and run into the water to help them.   Joe was coughing and sputtering as he laid sprawled out on his belly.  The two hooting fans grab him and pulled him up as Lon leaned over and slapped his belly.  “It’s show time, bud.”

Lon threw his shoulders back and strutted toward the beach.  He thrust his swollen arms back and then stopped and flexed his ridiculous form as if he was a WWE wrestler entering the arena.  Joe stepped up still sputtering with a dazed expression as he tried to wipe the sand caked to his chest off.  He clear his waterlogged nostrils with a farmer blow.  Then he dropped back into the shallow water with a splash washing away the reminders of his glorious entry to the show.  He sprang back to his feet mugging like his best pal.

Their newly enhanced forms drew expected reactions as the others got a close up view of the wildly muscled pair.  Their friends laughed and hooted as the pair showed off.  One of the guys called out, “What is this supposed to be?  Your version of Hans and Franz?”

Joe did a head bobbing flex as the others chuckled but Lon broke in, “No, just two muscle gods after a soak in the pool of super muscles!”   He waddled toward the crowd proudly.  His thighs slid over the top of one another with each step.  The crowd circled them taking in their extreme pumps from all sides now as the pair mugged.  Someone said, “You swallowed the air hose for real this time, Lonny.”

The spokesman for the pair replied, “No such thing as too much muscle.”  Joe was popping his chest for a couple of girls but when he offered to let them feel his ridiculously blown up mounds they were reduced to giggles and backed away as if he might pop if poked too hard.  Joe smiled and dropped his hyper jacked arms, “Come on babe, I won’t hurt ya.”

Lon popped his bull neck.  “Meat and ale for the gods of muscle”, he called out as he lowered his bulk onto a bale of straw by the bonfire as if it was a throne.  The others laughed but soon a mug of beer was shoved into his hand a fresh bucket of chicken was dropped into his lap.  Joe look a seat on a neighboring bale with two beauties under each wildly muscled arm as he flirted.  Lon reached up to pull his hood back to free his head but when he lacked the mobility to reach it the others laughed.  Still he acted as if gaining a hundred pounds of more muscle was an everyday occurrence.  One of his buddies reached out and pulled the hood back leaving it shoved down over his neck.  The rippled circles of neoprene just highlighted how thick his long neck now was as the ever hungry man shoved more food in.  Their friends laughed and played along with the prank, feeding and catering to the handsome pair as the party roared on.

The boaters had tied the boat up at the dock and were completely forgotten as the others flocked around Lon and Joe.  They were pulling off their wets suits, letting the tops hang down from their waists as they pulled on sweat shirts watching the scene from the dock. Sky hurried over to join his wife and play his role in the scheme as he explained to the others how the comedy team were stuck inside their neoprene suits with self-inflating muscle suits underneath.  The group loved it even more.  Lon and Joe assured them that, “it was all good…”

Luke looked over and gave Cole’s abs a slap, “Wow your scheme seems to have them completely freaked out.”  He laughed hard as the swollen pair held court.
Cole pulled his smart phone out with a smirk, “The day has just begun.”

To Be Continued
Just a note to check in.  Things have been busy here so not much time to write over the past month or so.  Yesterday I took it a bit easier after working eleven days straight.  I was watching some football in the afternoon when that Aaron Rodgers' Pump You Up commercial came on.  It made me think about Cole and the boys again.  I spent most of the rest of the day working on the story.  It's up to twelve pages with more to go.  With the renewed interest it might get finished soon.  There is a bunch of rain forecast this week so odds look good.  

There is also my annual Halloween/ Horror muscle blow up story.  I tried something different this year in that I started it last spring with the hopes of posting it completely finished at one time.  This year might not have any inflation in it - I will have to check it out to refresh my memory.  Still a lot of forced growth.  It's about a bodybuilding hunter who comes across an obscenely muscled man lost in the woods, while on a hunt near his family's isolated cabin.  The story the freak has to tell and an early heavy snowstorm all come together as the pair are stuck in the isolated retreat with an insane muscle loving, 'human rancher' on the loose.  Sad thing is I wrote two or three chapters but didn't get it finished as Cole's story kept getting pumped up bigger and bigger - :D.

Anyway, just a quick update for you folks who share my fascination with this odd stuff.  There is more to come.  Hope everybody had a good summer and that you found yourselves in the gym forcing your body to conform to your wild muscle fantasies.  It's not as impossible as you might think.  You may not have the potential of a Mr. O but everybody can get ripped and grow muscle by just doing the right thing - fueling your body and exercise... and if you do - share some pictures to inspire me and maybe you will end up in a story.  I better go.  That five hundred pound muscle freak I got caged in the basement needs another forced feeding. I can hear him whimpering as his hunger grows.  Maybe I will get his story  finished yet.  After all winter is coming.

Thought I would have to shorten this for it to post but it worked.  This will probably be a bit rough especially toward the end.  I will do some fixing on here when I get some time.  I hope you enjoy it and the slow build to the end.  Let me know, I love hearing from people.
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Cole Grows 34 – No Such Thing as Too Much Muscle

Lon and Joe turned and forced their over muscled bodies toward Luke.  “Hey. Give us some of those new supps for later.  I want to see what that feels like.”  Lon said with his blockish hand out. Joe happily grabbed the mechanic’s Uni swollen arm and gave it a shaking squeeze.

Luke’s eyes shot over to Cole.

Cole laughed, “No fucking way!”

Joe and Lon’s annoyed attentions swung on their best friend.  “Why not?”  They cried in unison as if ready for an argument.  They couldn’t believe Cole was going to refuse to share the new secret with them.

“Not after the way you two have been abusing the Program.”

Joe and Lon looked at one another sheepishly and started to protest but with softened tones.

Cole snorted, “I’m not stupid guys.  First, about two weeks in Joe comes telling me this bullshit story how he’d spilled all his powdered mix into a wet sink so I got him a new jug.  Then I noticed one of my jugs missing from home suspiciously after Lon had stopped by.  Fuck if I knew the whole story you’ve probably been hitting up Luke for extra the same way behind my back.  Look at you!  You guys are hulking out faster than anybody in the history of bodybuilding.  Luke might think it is superior genetics but I know better.”

Lon and Joe both looked at the ground as Cole nailed them on their secret. They stole glances up at one another as if to silently communicate their shock at being found out.

Cole had known for some time the pair had been upping doses of the Uni mix in their wild attempt to become super freaks.  He had joked about it behind their backs with Luke and knew they had pulled the same stunts on Luke.  Lon had even hit the mechanic for extra “protein” pellets to “get ready for next month”.   They must have swallowed them that night because the next day their remote pumping drastically sped up when Cole messed with them in the weight room. Ever since then Joe got a dazed look in his eyes and always laid a hand over his muscled belly whenever Cole turned on his remotes.  Cole figured the two pellets coming to life must have felt like a mini earthquake rumbling through his body.  Their tormentor didn’t care about the extra Uni or pellets.  The heavy Uni dosing just made them more elastic with less downtime between doses.  He could pump them up with perfect results at any time of the day or night thanks to their double dipping.  As far as the extra gas pellets, it just hurried things up and made their potential for expansion that much higher.

Cole was calling them out on the fact now because he needed an excuse to control the new contest prepping “supplement”.  If the boys took the candies on their own expecting to blow up instantly, Lon and Joe would realize they don’t work.  If they realized the secret pump aid was just candy, they might start to question other things.  Cole didn’t give much credit to his buddies for deep thinking but this could easily backfire.  Cole mumbled, “You don’t even try to deny it.”

Joe looked at Lon with sad Muppet eyes and stepped forward.  His cheeks were red. He wouldn’t look Cole directly in the face but stared at his chest and stole glances at his face from time to time.   The bull looked like a 300 pound ten year old who was in trouble.  “Damn Coe, you’re right.  I have…we have been double dosing.  It’s just that this is so fucking awesome dude.  I mean look at us!”  He held his over pumped arms out as if to illustrate the obvious.  His spandex coated arms were 23 inches around at their biggest point and completely blistered with bloated muscle. His bloated muscled chest now held his white vest opened wide and only highlighted his wild V taper.  “We look like you guys now…and it only took a few weeks … and you guys have lived in the weight room for years.  How could we not go crazy over the Program but …but you are right.  Sure it was wrong…the stealing and lying.”  Joe kept stealing glances over his shoulder at his silent co-conspirator as he made his stumbling confession. “I mean after what you and Luke have done for us…I never looked at it that way till now. I was just having a good time and didn’t want it to end.  I was greedy for more, I guess.  I can see now that it was a real shit-bag thing to do…but come on Cole, you can’t cut us off!  Not now we just started to look like freaks.”  Joe looked over and threw his arm back slugging Lon hard.  “Tell him, don’t just stand there.”

Lon grabbed his sore arm and looked up.  “He’s right, you can’t cut us off.  We’re sorry and will make it up to you but you can’t cut us off now.  We can pay you guys back for the extra we took or something… or work for you to pay it back …anything you want.  Just don’t cut us off bro.”  Lon flashed a nervous grin, “I don’t want to go back to being that fat ass again.”

Cole shook his head.  “Who said anything about cutting you off?  I’m talking about trusting you with this pump aid.”  Cole waddled over next to Luke almost stiff limbed as if to highlight how super jacked the pair now were.  After pumping up to make the roommates think the new pump aid was legit, Cole and Luke looked ready to explode out of their clothes.  “I can’t trust you idiots with this stuff.  Not now.”  He ran a hand over his bowed out muscled belly as he spoke.  “As powerful as this shit is and the way you go at it… hell this bag wouldn’t hold you through the weekend.  How can we keep this a secret if you morons end up looking like some musclebound Jabba the Hut clones?”  Lon and Joe seemed to relax a bit when it appeared their coach had no intention of cutting off the keys to their wild muscle growth.   “No I’m going to keep these and dole them out to you one at a time because I sure as fuck can’t trust you.”

Joe and Lon both relaxed and slipped back into simu-talking.  “Yeah, you do that.  Good idea. I don’t blame ya!”  “Oh thank you Coe.  You really are a great friend.  Isn’t he Lon?”  Joe had thrown his arms around Cole.  Even Lon slapped his fat shoulder before turning to shake Luke’s hand and to apologize for playing him.

Cole pushed Joe off.  He took the bag of candy from Luke saying, “Then these are mine and I’ll let you try them when and if I feel like it.  But you’re gonna have to earn it.”

Joe said, “Yeah, good idea…but do you think we can try them tomorrow so we look all jacked and freaky for the party?”

"Maybe", Cole said as if he wasn’t willing to commit to anything yet.

“Sure…sure whatever you say.”  Lon said before teasing Joe, “Too bad you won’t be able to show off all those new jumbo dick room Speedos you got to wear with all this cold weather.”  

Joe gave the cloudy sky a nervous look.  The buddy’s hyper spirits quickly returned after the scare.

The group started to gather up tools and food coolers as they prepared to leave.  Luke and Cole grabbed a couple buckets and headed down to the lake for water to douse the fire.  It was blazing strongly now that Joe had thrown a fat log on top of the few sticks they had lit. Luke mumbled, “Well played.”

Cole grinned as he dropped his bucket into the lake. He talked quietly.  “What have I been telling you?  Those two would believe anything I told them right now.  I’m thinking maybe I’m having too much fun fucking with them to stop now.  Maybe I don’t want to end it this weekend.”

“You’re not going to blow them up like the Hindenburg in front of the whole crowd at the party?” Luke was astonished that he might change his plans at the last minute after all the work leading up to this.

“Oh hell yes.  I’m doing that for sure but I mean, what if I used the super pump aid to blow them up as punishment for lying and stealing from us?  You know, keep slipping them more and more of those pills as punishment to teach them a lesson while they swell bigger and bigger.  This is all top secret so they would have no way to explain why they were suddenly swelling up like Sumo muscle freaks…or better yet they’ve been double dosing on the Program…that has to have some crazy assed side effects – doesn’t it.  It’s hard telling just how much all that extra dosing might blow a guy up once he hit max levels.”  Cole laughed.  “It all just came to me when Joe was confessing his sins and Lon promised to pay us back.  If we worked this right they could be putty in our hands.  Joe’s always wanted to work for you, how about if he worked for you for free.  You’ve been talking about opening a detail shop in the shed behind the garage.  Summer is coming and a blimperized Joe would be perfect at that. Your own clueless blow up boy to play with at will.  Having Lon as my personal slave might make up for years of having to put up with the lippy bastard.”  Cole laughed as he pulled the full dripping bucket from the lake.  “I mean the possibilities here are endless.”

Luke shook his head with a grin, “I’ve created a monster.”  He watched Cole waddle back away from the lake.

Cole smiled, “Oh I’m just thinking out loud but you see what I’m getting at don’t you?  We could play them for fools this weekend. Turn them into elephant sized freaks. Do whatever we want to them but blame it on their evil ways and abuses.  Then they are ours to play with as we like after that because they are hooked on the Program and don’t want to give it up.  You heard them, they will do anything to make it up to us.”

“You’re nursing a real grudge against these two.  What did they ever do to you to end up being your helpless playthings?”

Cole chuckled, surprised he had to ask.  “You remember the day of that blizzard when you found me blown up in that snow bank!  Hell they tortured me all night after they caught me all blown up in my room.  Lon was even tugging on my dick! I'd have ended up the size of the Hindenburg if you hadn't come along. ”

“Sure, sure… course he didn’t know it was your dick.  They still think it was some fucked up muscle suit.”  Luke nodded his head as he walked slowly looking at the ground.  “But you’ve gone from this elaborate plan to blow them up in front of a crowd and initiate them to our growing Uni club to leaving them in the dark so you can play mind-fuck games on them?”  He shoved his bucket into the water.  “It’s sounding a bit harsh.”

Cole chuckled a bit, “Well…I’ll tell them eventually… but aren’t you enjoying this as much as I am?  I mean look at those two!”  The happy blown up studs were quickly loading the ladder and gear into the trucks.  “This situation is too good to be true.  A chance like this doesn’t come around often.”

“I just didn’t know you held onto to grudges so tight is all.”  Luke rose up with a full bucket as he listened.  The two started back up the hill slowly on musclebound legs trapped in too small jeans.  Before Luke could say any more, the smaller and more flexible members of the crew came waddling toward their idols with big smiles.  Lon called out, “Let us get those for you.  This hill is pretty steep the way you big dogs are pumped up.”  Lon grabbed Luke’s bucket and Joe slipped around him for Cole’s with a grin.  He gave his shoulder a slap as he took his coach’s bucket.

Lon and Joe hurried up the hill and doused the flames.  They had already loaded both trucks back up with the tools and gear so that the whole group was ready to leave.

Cole looked over at Luke with a grin and mumbled.  “See what I mean?  Putty in our hands.”

The next morning the sun rose bright and clear.  Sure it was cold out and frost covered the ground in shaded area but it was still early.   Cole had dropped Sarah off with Zoey and Lucy.  She would come out later with the girls.  Cole still had work to do.  

He had swung by Walmart and with the aim of buying a nice two man tent for him and Sarah.  Once in the store his high spirits took over.  Cole walked out with a big tent and a huge air mattress plus two of those sleeping bags that could be joined together to make one huge one.   No way did he want his old smelly bag around his dream girl.  The man just couldn’t quit smiling.  There was no way he was sharing a tent with any of the guys tonight either.  Though his tent was big enough for more.  He couldn’t wait to spend more time alone with the female bodybuilder.

Cole had the tent pitched near the others by the time he heard the trucks bouncing down the rough road.  His jeep was parked nearby and he was using a little air compressor to inflate the king sized air mattress when the two pickups of his best friends arrived.

Cole couldn’t wipe the smile from his face.  All eyes were on him as his buddies jumped out of their trucks. Joe slapped his hands on the hood of his beat up Chevy as he stared at Cole.  “So how’d it go?”  He grinned.

“Ok, I guess”, Cole shrugged his thick shoulders and rocked his head as if to say “no big deal.”  He acted as nonchalant as ever.  But still there was that smile giving away his pleasure.  The air was filled with whoops and catcalls as his close buddies congratulated him on the end of his dry spell and started peppering him with questions about his new girl.  “Where is she?  I want to meet her.”    “Well that ought to put you in a better mood.”

Cole ignored the noise and sealed up the mattress.  He then tried to figure out how he was going to fit the wide thing through the small opening.  His buddies gave him hell as he punched the air bed and bent it over and wrestled into his new deluxe tent.  The other followed him inside as Cole slid the mattress into a bay that was perfectly sized for it.  There was still another bay where the happy man had set up a little folding table and two chairs, plus a big spot in front of the door that was as big as any of the other tents.  His laptop rested on the table playing music.  The big men looked around at the family sized digs as Cole finished moving in.  Lon and Joe were running off at the head like they always did.  Lon was playing with a remote he found on the table.  It turned on a battery operated lantern that hung overhead.  Joe had snatched up the sleeping bag and unfurled it.  It was huge and puffy with a clean shinny surface and new smell.  Joe held it up to his jacked body noting that he didn’t even take up half of it.  He smacked Lon in the chest as he held out the bag.  Joe said, “I want to stay with Coe in here.  I can stand up completely.  Look at all the room.”

Cole was busy with his back to them and was stuffing new pillows into casings.  “Fuck that idea.”  He tossed the second pillow down on the mattress and turned.

Lon and Joe had stepped into his new jumbo sized sleeping bag and pulled it up to their muscled chests. Even with the two bodybuilders standing inside the bag there was plenty of room.  Lon said, “When are they coming to hook up the cable?”  At the same time Joe said, “This is ginormous!  Where you get it?  A big and tall elephant outfitter’s shop?”

Cole snatched the edge of the bag.  “Get out of that!  I don’t want your stink all over.  Come on you idiots.  Stop messing around.”  He shoved a laughing Joe back with his forearm.  The bag was dropped as the wrestling began.  The three old wrestlers began shoving one another but Lon and Joe’s double teaming had the advantage.  They knocked Cole back on his air bed and piled on.  They hadn’t wrestled all out like this for a long time.  They laughed and grunted as Lon and Joe acted as if they had just joined the WWE.  

Luke was grinning as he watched.  “You know what this is, don’t ya?”  Three bulls stopped wrestling and their faces rose up on bull necks looking up at him.  Luke started singing, “Love shack baby…”  Joe and Lon took up the tune as they jumped to their feet laughing.  Their mugging brought red to Cole’s cheeks. It felt good to bust Cole’s balls a little.  The man had been moody for weeks but now he seemed like his old self again.  Plus the prospect of a great weekend ahead wasn’t far from anyone’s mind.

Cole sprung up behind them with his arms wide shoving his pals out of the tent as they laughed and made fun.  “Yeah and this is the last you will ever see the inside too.”  He laughed as they stumbled out of the double netting draped opening.  They all were laughing.

Joe immediately started in on his report.  “We swung by the deli and picked up your order.”  He jogged over to the back of the truck with a mission. He dropped the tailgate.   Cole followed but only after giving Lon a shove with his shoulder as he passed, spinning the big armed bull off his feet.  Joe continued, “The red cooler has all the breakfast stuff: eggs, bacon, and juice.  The green one is for other meals, brats, hot dogs, hamburgers and all that stuff.  The cardboard box is full of bread, buns, chips and paper plates and stuff.  Plus a couple cases of soda and three of bottled water. They had the whole order ready on carts just like they promised.”

Cole looked at the coolers and boxes Joe pulled to the tailgate.  There still were a couple more coolers and boxes about mid-way up the bed.  “What’s in these coolers then?”

“That’s for Lon’s and me.  It’s our food.”

“You brought your own?”  Cole asked surprised.

Lon joined them shoulder to shoulder as they looked into the truck stacked full with supplies and camping gear. “Oh hell yes.  This weekend is our break from the bodybuilding grind.  The next two days we are eating and drinking anything we want.  Monday it’s back to the straight and narrow but until then we are going hog wild.”  The big man hooted in excitement as he turned and slapped raised hands with Joe.  “Check this out!”  Lon drug over a cooler and threw open the lid.  He pulled out a plastic cased cake.  A huge cake.

“I can see where the hog part comes in.”  Cole laughed and looked into the cooler.  It was filled with plastic containers of deli made meals.  He could see lasagna, and spaghetti filled bowls and mac and cheese, meatloaf, Chinese meals, and cheesy casseroles.    The thing was over flowing with prepared food. Boxes held ding dongs, hohos all kinds of chips and junk food.  “Not a vegetable in sight.  Who is the birthday cake for?”

Lon said, “It’s just a cake why does it have to be for a birthday?”

“It says ‘Happy Birthday”’ on the top.”

“Well, it’s not like it makes it taste any different.”

“Ahh, cake and beer.  Everybody’s favorite and a nice way to get all your macros in.”  Cole chuckled.

Lon held it back as if Cole had tried to grab it.  “Yep and no cake for you.”  He said in a Nazi tone.

“Yeah”, Joe said slowly in his usual dopey tone as he flipped open another equally as packed cooler.  “This one is mine.  “Oreo cookies and cream cake with double frosting!”

Cole just shook his head and chuckled as he exchanged a look of silent communication with Luke.  Joe had balanced his cake on the side of the bed and was opening is plastic dome.  Lon said as he took over the tour of completed chores, “Hey put our food in our tent so nobody gets into it” as he led Cole to the cab.  “We swung by Benny’s and got your liquor order.”  He pulled a full box of hard liquor from the cab and handed it to Cole.

Joe had pulled a huge slice of cake out and was eating it as he walked the supplies over to the tent next to Cole’s pleasure palace.  Cole took the box of booze toward the picnic tables as he passed Joe returning for another arm full, Cole shoved an elbow out catching Joe’s.  The move shoved the soft cake into his face.  

The playful group hooted and laughed as Cole jumped back and Joe caught what part of the cake he wasn’t now wearing.   He took a step toward his buddy as if he was going to throw the handful of frosting and cake chunks at him.  Cole dodged back several steps, “Now don’t be stupid.”

Joe was licking frosting from his face and looked at the handful of cake as if he had second thoughts. He then started nibbling at the pile in his hand as he chuckled. He didn’t want to waste even the hand full.  Suddenly Joe started running at Cole yelling as if he was going to shove the cake on him.  Rather than run as expected, the happy host bent down and lunged at Joe.  The blond bull was surprised at the move and leaned back.  Cole caught him around the waist with a shoulder in his belly and lifted him off the ground.

“Put me down.”  Joe yelled as Lon and Luke laughed.

The strong man turned with Joe over his shoulder spinning him back and forth.  “How about a dip in the lake, Captain Spandex?”  Cole turned and started down the hill down the hill on stout legs.

Joe yelled, “No, no, no”, as he tried to get off the stud.  He rocked back and forth hoping to get his feet on the ground or knock Cole over.  He still was shoving the frosting and cake into his mouth as he tried to empty his hand to fight.

For his part Cole was standing up to the challenge of hustling the big man to the beach as he jumped over little ruts and bounced off rocks on jacked legs.  In seconds he had Joe over the edge of the lake as he lifted him up off his shoulder slightly threatening, “I’ll do it dumb ass, I’ll do it!”

Joe was pleading his case. “No don’t, it’s too fucking cold. Put me down. I’m serious Coe, don’t.”  His mouth was full as he licked at the sweet cake not wanting to waste any in the plunge.  

Lon was yelling, “Do it.  It will do him good” as Luke just laughed.

Cole grunted and lifted the man to arm’s length just to show off his strength.  There was no way either of the newly minted hulks could match his strength despite their pneumatically superior size.  Cole was panting and chuckling.  “Ok”, he gasped.  He lowered Joe to his shoulder again as he looked for a flat spot to set him down.  As he did Cole looked back and grinned at his audience.

Joe was grinning at Lon and Luke too.  He then reached down and pulled the tail of Cole’s shirt up exposing his wide back.  Joe smeared frosting and cake up his muscled spine before sliding his gooey hand up over the back of Cole’s head and over one ear as he hooted.

Cole barked, “Stupid fucker.”  He took a step into the lake making sure not to go in deeper than his boots.  The strong man lifted Joe again, then shoved.

Joe screamed like a cheerleader when he hit the cold water.  He landed on his feet but the splash soaked him.  He stumbled back and then lost his balance and disappeared under the water. He then almost shot out of the water screaming in tones that had never come from the big man.  Luke and Cole noticed how he almost floated on the surface as if sitting in an invisible chair.  His huge thighs and upper body easily bounced out of the water all at once as he reappeared.  His muscled arms splashed against the surface of the lake as if he was trying to push against something solid to pull himself out of the freezing water.   Joe forced his legs down and in a second they floated to the surface behind him as he struggled to get out of the freezing water.  The more experienced Uni fiends could see how his air filled muscles wanted to float on the surface.  Joe’s bubbled ass, hams, and calves looked huge as he kicked his legs and slapped the water helplessly. He then forced his legs under the water again and stumbled for a moment but got his footing.  Joe then ran screaming from the water.

Cole had already took off running as he laughed.  Lon and Luke were rolling.

Joe ran with his hands crossed over his chest following Cole for a few steps.  “What’d you do that for?” He whined.  His voice sounded shaky he was so cold.  A couple steps and the wet bodybuilder gave that idea up.  He started pulling his soaking clothes off as water flew around him like a dog shaking his fur dry.  The bull stepped out of his turned inside out jeans kicking for a few moments before he was free.  He left them in a wad beside the two wet rags that had been the shirts he had worn.  Joe didn’t stop there he pulled his soaked underwear off too, clamping his hands over his shriveled privates.  Water flowed off him and fanned out into a big puddle at his feet.

The more he worked to free himself of the freezing heavy clothes the louder the others laughed.  Cole had pulled his shirt off too and was using it to try and wipe the frosting off.

Joe was hunched over dressed in only his ankle high hiking boots.  “Somebody do something!  I’m freezing!  Get me a towel.”

No one made a move to help the naked man.  They just kept laughing at him.  

Joe squealed again and took off running for the trucks.  Before he got there, there were two loud chirps as Luke and Lon stood with remotes in their hands laughing.  Joe was jerking on his own truck’s handle only to remember that Lon had drove it from the deli and had the keys.  His other set was by the lake in his wet jeans. He turned and raddled Luke’s truck handles trying to get into the locked truck.  He was so cold he couldn’t think straight.  His dripping hair was throwing drops of water as he struggled and his long dick and low hung nuts were flopping freely.  Joe suddenly turned and started toward Cole’s jeep but hardly made a step before he heard another loud click.  He looked at Cole with his key ring in his hand laughing at him.

Joe threw his jacked arms up in defeat.  He stood there dripping wet.  Though the sun was bright and warming things up, the air and breeze were still cool.  Freezing to Joe.  “You fuckers”, he yelled.  He didn’t even bother to cover himself up as he stepped back and forth with one hand pushing his long wet hair off his face.  Cole hit the control in his pocket to pump Joe up some.  He slid his thumb over the screen until he isolated the choice for his cock and balls.  It looked ever so slowly as if the man fat cock was growing fatter and stretching longer as it hung down toward the ground.  Then Joe suddenly threw his arms around his chest and squatted down in an effort to warm up.  His teeth were chattering.  “Y…ou fu…ck…ers”, he stammered again.  Then his face lit up.  The wet freak took off running with surprising speed.  He was headed for Cole’s tent.  Joe was laughing now.

Cole was still down toward the lake enjoying the prank.  He was trying to wipe the goo off his wide back and had taken his eyes off Joe.  He had one ear now packed with chocolate cake.  His heavily muscled torso was pale in the bright sun.  Cole had just started digging at his ear when he realized what Joe was going to do.  “Stay out of there dumb ass.”  He yelled as he ran after him.

Joe was far closer to the tents than Cole.  Cole dropped his shirt and ran hard.  He almost caught hold of his wet wrist as Joe disappeared into the tent.  They were loud as the struggle ensued.  Lon and Luke could see the walls of the tents bulge and bounce.  Then Joe appeared running hard with the huge sleeping bag gripped in fists like a cape off his broad shoulders.  He was fully exposed but running hard as Cole appeared from the tent, chasing him as he tried to catch hold of the new stiff bag. Joe hooted and hollered like an idiot with no self-consciousness about running naked with his big dick slapping against his flat belly and legs.  He dodged and wove around trees and gear.  His long legs kept him just out of Cole’s reach as he dodged and leaped around the camp site.  Cole couldn’t quite catch a hold of the sleeping bag that danced just outside of his reach as Joe ran.

He saw his chance as Joe hurtled the log pile and ran into a clear spot.  Cole leaped and tackled the guy wrapping him up in the bag as he wrapped his arms around him.  They rolled down the hill a bit as Cole landed on top of him.  If Cole thought this would help his cause he was wrong.  When they stopped rolling Joe was wrapped completely in the new bag and Cole was several yards away.  They both were panting.  Cole looked over at him as Joe rose up sitting Indian style completely wrapped up in fat nylon.

Cole was tired as he pushed himself to his feet.  “Oh man now you’re getting your stink all over it.  If you mess that up you’re going to town for a new one to replace it and not a cheap fiber filled one but a down one like that is.”  Cole couldn’t catch his breath.  He panted as he walked a few steps in a circle as he stared at Joe.  Then stood catching his breath with his hands on his broad thighs.

Joe was just as winded.  He made no effort to give up the warm fat bag.  He was drying his hair with it and enjoying the warmth of the two thick layers.  “Then get me some towels and make Lon unlock the truck so you can bring me my bag of clothes.  Better yet start a fire while you are at it.”

Cole just stood looking at him but didn’t move.

They both looked at one another defiantly. Then a smile crept over Joe’s face.  The man buried in the double sleeping bag began to shimmy back and forth as if he was scooting up the hill on his ass.

Cole threw his arms in the air.  “Do you have a death wish?”

Joe paused and raised one eyebrow a bit.  Then he started wiggling his bare ass again.

“Dude, if you ends up with ass stains on my bag, you’ll wish you’d never been born.”  As he threatened, Cole also had started toward Joe’s truck while signaling for Lon to unlock it.   Luke and Lon were still laughing at the pair.  Lon unlocked the doors as he said, “The party hasn’t even started and you two are acting like wild men.”

Cole was smiling again.  The exercise had made him immune to the cold air.  “He started it.”

Joe yelled, “Yeah keep it up fat boy.  Hey you know I think that morning coffee is kicking in.  I feel like a piss.”   They all looked back his way.  Joe was completely covered except for his face deep inside a roll of thick padding.  You could tell his hands were squeezing his ample privates.  “I wonder if piss stains would complement the color of this bag.”

Cole moaned as he started back with a duffle bag of clothes.  He heaved it at Joe.  When it hit the man, he disappeared under it as the sleeping bag imploded into a deflating bubble.

By the time others began to arrive Joe’s clothes were drying on tree branches and Cole’s damp but clean jumbo sleeping bag was spread out in the sun over the hood of his jeep.  The air was creeping up into the sixties as the happy crowd slowly began to grow.   People were working setting up their own tents and unloading gear or bringing out pans of treats they had prepared or beer to add to the tank for cans of soda, bottled water and special brews.  Everybody chipped in a set fee to offset Cole’s expenses and then brought along anything extra they might want to share.  Three guys were out in the boat fishing with promises of adding the catch to the evening meal.  Laughter and voices echoed across the water.  Despite the wild weather of late, things were shaping up for a good time even if it felt more like fall than almost summer.

The four pals had plenty of time to finish the setup after Joe’s baptism.  After the chores, Luke had produced a couple plastic storage bins that were full of cold water gear.  The others gathered around as he opened them to show all the borrowed gear sized for big men.  The men pulled out ski vests and neoprene suits holding them up to their hyper muscled bodies.  Joe even left his spot by a roaring fire to join in.  He was dressed now but still had a huge towel over his shoulders and was rubbing his head in an effort to dry his hair.  He grabbed a neoprene flotation vest.  “This is huge!”  He marveled.  He held the wide thick vest up for the others to see.  “Look how blown out it is over the chest.”  He ran his hands over the two blown out bowls on the front of the vest.

Luke said, "Paul and Tucker are big guys like you.  Tuck powerlifts but Paul used to compete as a super heavy.  I think they had some of this stuff custom made for them.  They spent more time on the water than in the gym.”  He snatched the vest from Joe and showed him the elastic panels in the sides that held together the neoprene covered foam panels that covered the front and back.  The panels could stretch over lats fitting the device to an active extreme build.   “I’d hate to think how much these babies set them back but Paulie said he put four in there.”  He handed it back to Joe.

The tall happy man immediately put it on after pulling off his hoodie.  He fumbled with the zipper hidden below his massive pecs but soon had it closed.  He snapped three of the four straps that crossed the front but couldn’t close the top one across his muscled chest that now filled the distorted bulges.  He gave up as he realized the strap might never have been close.  Joe ran over to the huge mirror mounted on the door of Luke’s truck.  With a squeal of plastic sockets he spun it around so he could admire himself.   “Awesome”, he sung loudly in a comic opera voice.  The goof turned to show it off for his friends.  Joe dropped his fists on his waist and made a slow “Poooof” sound as he swelled out one lat than repeated the sound as he flexed the other stretching out the side panels as if his lats were inflatable. His back looked wide as hell and the man oddly top heavy. The others watched the show but soon went back to rummaging through the gear.  

Joe loved the vest and wore it the rest of the morning like some futuristic version of a gladiator’s chest plates that made him look just that much freakier.    The tight fitting vest was blistered over his jacked muscles and magnified his wicked V-taper.  The thickness of the panels muffled his build yet still highlighted it.  The black and red colors seemed designed specially to enhance his muscled build.  He tolerated the cool air on his bare arms as they looked massively muscled as his pale flesh exploded out of the puckered neoprene openings.  The happy man was well aware how cool it looked on him and spent the morning doing his inflating lats move over and over.  “Poof” became like a call word for him as the happy man mugged and showed off.  It became a running joke as one of the pretty girls would give the clasp on his zipper a tug and Joe would respond with a loud “POOOOF” as he swelled his back wide and flexed his muscles as if he suddenly blew up bigger.  His friends would laugh but none harder than Cole and Luke as they exchanged knowing looks.

As Luke and Cole pulled out the wet and dry suits, Lon stood by watching with a bucket of chicken cradled in one arm and beer in the other as he ate.  He finally had to rest the bucket on Luke’s tailgate so he could eat freely but he watched the proceedings with little interest.  There were enough suits to clothe the four bodybuilders with a few extra shorts and sleeveless or shortie suits thrown in.   The suits looked nearly as wide as they were tall and all have a wide V-taper to the torsos and enormous legs and arms.  Some of the well-used suits were in wild patterns and colors but all were generously sized for an athletic build.  Cole held up a red camo patterned one against Lon’s muscled body.  “This ought to fit those fat arms of yours.  Look how big they are.”  He held a sleeve out for Lon to see.

Lon had held his arms back for the fitting but as he stuffed a crunchy piece of chicken in his mouth he sputtered, “I ain’t getting in the water.  It’s too fucking cold.”

Cole wadded the suit over his chest.  “It won’t be that bad.  We got a bunch of booties and gloves so you will be well covered.  The suits will make big difference…” he looked at the warming sun, “plus it’s warming up by the second.  Trust me, this gear will keep you comfortable.”

“Fuck that, the water’s still going be what….in the upper thirties.  I’ll just enjoy myself by the keg and my cooler.  Don’t worry about me.”  Lon was showing every intention spending the entire time eating.  He had hardly been without chewing on something since he showed Cole his food stash.

Joe forgot his reflection and came over when Lon made his announcement.  “Dude, you have to ski with us.  Everybody is wanting to watch the jump master at work.  You’re the best skier out here!”  Cole and the untested Luke might have disputed that appraisal but didn’t.  They all encouraged him to not make his mind up so fast.

Lon said, “Look I ain’t going stop you guys from going in.  I hate cold water.  Deal with it.”

Cole tossed the suit over the side of the truck.  He opened a cooler and pulled out a couple prepackaged protein shakes.  He handed two to his old roommates.  “Suit yourself if you want to sit here on the beach and pout while the rest of us have fun.  So be it.”  He handed another to Luke and took one for himself.

Lon took a tug at his shake.  “Whatever, dude.”

Joe wasn’t giving up easily as he sucked on his muscle shake.  He pleaded with Lon to change his mind.  He snatched a huge breast from Lon’s bucket and shook it between bites as he argued his case.  Neither one noticed the tiny dots on the caps of their drinks.  The marks from a permanent marker were barely noticeable if you didn’t know they were there.   Cole carried the cooler to his tent and hid it inside.  He didn’t want anyone getting into his private stash, especially the ones he had doctored for Lon and Joe.  His pal’s long awaited binge was going to get ramped up a bit.  Cole had injected appetite stimulant into eight bottles that he had marked for his patsies.  There was more than one way to blow a guy up.

With last minute details, Cole hadn’t even bothered to pump his playthings up yet beyond the few jolts he given Joe’s cock when he was streaking around naked.  Once Sarah and the girls arrived his mind was elsewhere.   Cole was completely besotted with the beauty.   The cheerful woman had walked up and planted a kiss on the muscled man’s cheek, as Cole blushed.  All his pals crowded around to meet the girl.  The thick haired beauty was pulling on a hoodie as he made introductions.  Her muscled belly peaked out under a crop top and shorts revealed muscled legs.  The outgoing girl made a good impression.  She laughed when she met Luke and said, “I have been dying to meet you since we have so much in common”.  She gave him a playful wink as everyone listening assumed she meant bodybuilding.  She was easy going and so natural, she laughed and fit in with the group as if she had known them all along.  When Lon and Joe stepped up still shoving food in their mouths, she gave Cole’s best friends hugs and complimented them on their mass.  “Cole has told me all about your transformations.  He is right you guys are genetic freaks!”

The two men beamed a bit sheepishly as the beauty complimented them and squeezed their arms as if she couldn’t believe all that mass was real.  Joe happily flexed one arm for her so she could inspect his freakish bulging muscles.  “I hear you compete?”  He asked.

“Yep, sure do.”

Joe confided, “I might do a show this fall after I put on a bit more mass.”
“Oh you should.  It is so much fun.”
“Maybe you could give me some advice?”
“I’d love to.”  Sarah gave Cole a grin and a wink as Joe pulled her aside to grill her on competing and to show off his gains for her.

Cole might not have been thrilled with the move but with more and more people coming in now he was busy greeting people and showing where new tents could go and such.  The group grew louder with each new carload as people called out to new arrivals.  Music thumped from the sound system the boys had set up earlier under a portable awning, adding to the noise.  Even Skylar and Joanie drove up to the hollers and hugs of old friends.   The couple were the ones whose lease Cole had taken over after her unplanned pregnancy sent them home.  Everyone was glad to see the couple just as they were to be among friends.  Joanie was well along now and waddled behind a huge belly.  The couple almost matched the crowd’s amazement with her change with their shock at the changes in Joe and Lon.  Joanie stepped up to Lon as he was chewing on a thick slice of meatloaf.  She shoved her baby bump into his muscled gut that by now had a minor bloat from his morning filled with snacking.  “I’m not the only one blowing up these days!”  She laughed.

Her boyfriend stepped up.  Skylar was laughing, “No shit!  Everybody was telling us how you two hulked out so fast but I figured they were exaggerating.  Holy shit dude…”  Skylar shoved Lon’s t-shirt up over his muscled gut and held it under his swollen pecs, “From beer gut to roid gut in one season.”  He joked.  

Lon tried to snag his shirt and pull it down as the chuckling couple ran hands over thick bands of muscle. They tried to push in on the rippled mound only to find it tight and hard with no give.  “Nothing but a peanut”, he said as he tried to cover it up.  “It’s just the seat of power – you have to eat to grow, you know.”

Skylar laughed, “And the way you are eating that thing is going to be swelled up like you got triplets in there in no time.”  The handsome soon- to- be father was pushing off Lon’s attempts to cover up as he teased and patted his gut ball.  

Joe was beside Lon snacking on a bag of Cheetos with a pretty red head at his side.  As if on cue she reached up and gave the clasp on his vest’s zipper a tug.  Joe’s eyes grew large as he dropped the bag as he began to sputter,”Puuuffffft!”  He staggered and mugged before the laughing group as he blew his lats out and flexed as if every muscle on his body was blowing up to the laughter of his friends.  Joe hammed it up with worried looks as if his swelling was out of control. He didn’t stop until he was stiff limbed and had his belly shoved out like a balloon.  He was rubbing it into Lon’s as the crowd laughed.  Lon grumbled, “Get away from me wise ass”, as he shoved his roommate aside as the others enjoyed the horse play.

The temps were creeping up toward 70 though the breeze was still cool.  The fishing group returned with strings of fish and reports that it felt warmer out on the water away from the shade of the trees.  That was enough for Cole, Skylar, and Luke to decide to give skiing a try.  Soon the three neoprene coated men were taking turns as the boat flew around the lake towing the skiers.  Neither Luke nor Cole had pumped that morning so had little trouble putting on the over-sized suits. Skylar was wearing an old suit of Cole’s and while the cold water was a bit of a shock, all were comfortable enough.  As the group warmed up their antics grew more impressive.  Luke had grown up skiing with his father’s family and took to it like most things in his life.  The big man could practically lay out flat as he turned with one hand holding the tow rope.  The boat would be slowed under the strain of the big man stretched out in a turn to the side of the boat.  Then he would be up and flying across the water as far as he could go to the opposite side.   Cole was the first to jump off the ramp his grandfather had put in the middle of the lake.  As if the earlier comment about Lon being the best skier of the group had to be proven wrong, the three men were soon putting on a show for the others watching from the beach.   The show brought hoots and claps from the crowd on shore.

Joe was soon aching to join them.  He started in on Lon again trying to change his mind.  The big man rubbed his bloated but still hungry muscle gut as Joe harangued him about joining the others. Lon still was not looking forward to a dip in the cold water but realized water skiing would get him away from the food for a bit.  Once he agreed, Joe started honking his truck horn and waving the group on the lake over.

Joe had grabbed up a couple of the loaned suits and the pair ducked into their tent to change.  By the time Cole had the boat tied to the dock, the pair had reappeared.  Joe was pulling the zipper up the center of Lon’s wide back.  The red and black camo pattern suit fit well but softened his muscled build.  Joe was in the booted dry suit that Luke had shown them the day before.  “I talked Lon into showing us his skills.”  Joe happily shared as the three similarly clad men made a beeline for the kegs.

Cole said, “Great”, as he filled a big mug.

Joe leaned over and whispered, “These suits are kind of baggy.”

“Well you will appreciate it when you are skiing.”  He set his beer aside and pushed Joe so that his back faced him.  Cole pulled the heavy zipper across his broad shoulders sealing him inside the dry suit.

“No”, Joe mumbled, adjusting the long tight collar.  “They hide our muscles.  I was hoping maybe you could do something about that?”  He grinned at him with a wink.

For a second Cole missed his meaning as his new girl made her way through the crowd.  Joe added, “The pump aid.”

Cole looked up as it dawned on him what Joe was hinting at.  “Sure hold on.”  He jogged to the tent and returned with two plastic wrapped candies.

Lon said, “Chew it, it will get into your system faster”, to Joe as they unwrapped them.  The group laughed and drank beers as they knew the skiing would keep them from the kegs for a while.  Sky and Luke filled a bucket with some cans as the others complimented their skiing talent and joked.  Many held cameras and smartphones out snapping photos of the neoprene coated beefy men.

It wasn’t long before Cole had his play things slowly pumping up.  The change was so subtle that no one noticed except Lon and Joe and their Uni pro idols.  Joe gave Cole a thumbs up happily while Lon tugged at an arm pit as his body shifted under the neoprene as he dug in his cooler for something to snack on.  The group laughed and joked as they milled around the dock and beach.

Cole handed Lon a pair of neoprene booties.  Lon’s suit gave off stretching noises as he sat down on a log and pulled them over his big feet.  About this time others began to notice how well the suits highlighted Lon and Joe’s new builds.  Curt was there with a couple of his frat buddies.  He slapped a hand on Lon’s broad shoulder.  “Damn you sure fill up all that rubber, big guy.”

Lon looked up with a proud grin as he stood up.  The suit did highlight his muscled build.  The chest and back was covered with the faded camo pattern while his sides were black neoprene.  The legs of the suit had wide black stripe of neoprene down the outside that now dipped and swelled over his jacked legs highlighted his muscled mass.  The patterned sections were slowly becoming blistered with muscle.   “What can I say?  Just getting suited up for the cold water is enough to give me a good pump these days.”  The suit gave off stretching sounds as he brought a big mug to his lips.  The other bodybuilders knew the move was a ploy to show off his huge biceps as he drank.  Lon knew he looked jacked in the tightening suit.

Cole killed their inflation as he didn’t want things to get over done too quickly.  Still the pair’s big muscle had been somewhat hidden under the thick suits minutes before, now the neoprene was blistered a bit by the bodybuilder’s muscles.  Joe was all smiles over the fact.  One of his fawning coeds added, “Talk about ‘PUFFFT’, you blow up much bigger Joey, you’ll be giving Batman a run for his money.”  The happy stud mugged and showed off for his fans as they got ready to ski. He handed his well-loved vest to Cole to help put it on.

Cole said, “I’m not sure you will need this.  These suits are pretty buoyant.”

Joe loved the vest.  “Better be sure.  My body fat is around 7% now, I might sink like a rock.”

Cole gave Luke a grin as there was no way the pneumatically muscled freak was going to sink.  Even without pumping, both Luke and Cole had noticed the difference Uni gave as they floated easily as if they were skiing in the Great Salt Lake.   He helped Joe into the vest jerking him around a bit as his adjusted the suit and pulled the muscle man’s arms through the armholes of the vest.  He then zipped it up and fastened the straps. The goofy man preened as his coach helped suit him up. Joe had him tug some more slack in the suit until Joe could swing his arms freely.  The vest just highlighted his wild mass which pleased the man to no end.

Soon the beefy roommates were skiing behind the boat as Luke drove, while Sky and Cole rode along.  The pair took a long turn as Luke circled the lake a few times.  They tried to spray the group on the end of the dock as they passed without much success.   Cole watched for a while before finally hitting their controls adding to their pumps.

If the two noticed their growing pumps it didn’t show.  They were too busy showing off, jumping the wake of the loaded boat and trying their best to surpass the skills that their three pals had showed earlier.   They would duck under one another’s ropes with ease and swing out wide with one hand on the bar almost lying flat as they threw up huge sprays of water before righting themselves again.  The engine was pulled down and slowed at times by their hi-jinks.

Cole could only grin as he noticed the faint dimples in the thick neoprene they wore becoming more prominent as they slowly grew.  Not that it was obvious at first.  No one on the shore would be able to tell…yet.  Cole could see Lon and Joe communicating as they skied side by side.  Then Joe griped the bar with one hand as he flexed his right arm as he hooted.  While others took it as the stud just showing off, Cole knew it was his way of acknowledging his growing pump.  The roommates both slowed down a bit and just followed the boat as they grew.

Skylar leaned toward Cole and shouted over the engine.  “What the hell have you been doing to Lon and Joe?”

“What do you mean?”  Cole wondered for a second if he had picked up on something.

“The way you’ve hulked them out.  I mean damn they look like they are growing bigger by the second. Shit, even their suits look like they are getting tighter while they ski.”

Cole shrugged, “Just good genetics and they finally got serious about training.”

“Well, I’m jealous.  Wish you could train me.  I’m getting fat as hell since I started working and left school…” as the pair talked the two skiers followed along almost like beginners as if they had suddenly lost their nerve.  Joe started waving an arm.

“I think he wants you to speed up.”  Cole said to Luke.  He knew exactly what the waving was about.

Both men reacted as the engine grew louder.  Joe and Lon started yelling. “No slow down.”

The men in the boat laughed but Luke brought the throttle back.  Lon and Joe then dropped back into the water, letting go of the ropes.  By the time Luke had swung the boat around, the pair were floated with their skies held under one arm beside them.  They both were noticeably bigger.  Their blistered mounds broke the water.  Lon seemed to have another extra mound as his belly floated on the surface.  

Joe was as animated as ever.  “Somebody take my place.  I have to get out of this vest I swear it is cutting off my circulation.  It's like I can't breathe.”

Luke said, “I’ll go.  You ready for some jumping Lonny boy?”

Lon mumbled, “Yeah but Sky hand me down my cooler.  I’m starving.”  His buddy did as he was told holding the cooler over the back of the boat to the water.   Lon paddled closer and pulled out a chicken leg.  He floated as he ate.  

Sky laughed, “Dude, you don’t look like you’re starving.  Hell that gut looks like you have a beach ball stuffed inside your suit.”  It was true.  Lon’s belly was sticking out along with other mounds like his chest and shoulders and long thighs.  Lon had worn his knit cap.  There was no chance of it getting wet as he floated with his head and shoulders above the water as if supported by an invisible recliner.

“Yeah, yeah, I don’t know what’s gotten into me.  I’ve been hungry all day!”

Luke was putting on gloves and zipping up his suit as Cole helped Joe out of the water.  “Get this vest off.”  He gasped out of breath from the effort.  He stood up once in the boat and leaned back.  There was no flexing needed to fill the vest now.   Joe’s back was swelled out permanently.    His jacked arms were sticking out at his sides.  He leaned back and popped his back loudly.  The stretch added to the stress on the vest.  Just then the zipper split open from the bottom up. One of the straps popped open.

Luke said, “Careful there.”  Even though it was too late.  Joe had blown the zipper out.

Cole freed him from the unneeded vest as Luke dropped into the water.

Joe was mumbling to Cole as the others got ready and Sky took over the boat's controls.  “That pump aid is blowing me up like crazy.  I had to get out of that vest.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have chewed it.  Take it easy it will ease up.  It doesn’t last for long.”

They took up new places as Sky drove the boat.  In no time Lon and Luke were up and following.  Luke signaled for the jump.  Sky turned to line the boat up right and opened the engine.

Cole left both blimps inflating.  Lon looked a little less coordinated as he skied…and bigger.  Two pellets in his gut could make a quick change when turned on full blast.  Joe had dropped to the floor with a towel.  The wet neoprene squealed against the floor as he stretched out trying to get comfortable.  He was grunting as his muscles swelled.  He couldn’t help but whisper to Cole. “I swear dude I can feel them blowing up, everything getting tighter. Fuck man.”

Cole was busy watching the other two.   Lon had really changed in the few seconds he had glanced down at Joe.  His legs and arms looked huge.  He dwarfed Luke.  There were sounds coming from the beach; catcalls and laughter.  Lon had startled look on his face and was struggling with the rope as they picked up speed.  Luke was too busy focusing on the approaching ramp to notice Lon.  The inflating man was overcompensating on the rope throwing his balance off.  As big as his arms and shoulders looked, Cole was surprised he could keep both hands on the bar.

Just as they hit the ramp, one of Lon’s arms swung out as his hand slipped off.  He was swaying hard now trying to not fall.  They shot up the slope and just as Luke took to the air, Lon fell forward.  He hit the ramp like a ball and flew face down while his skis were tossed in the air.  There was collective “OH” as he bounced and skidded across the water like a skipping stone.  

Luke landed and tried to look over to find Lon.  Sky turned the boat in a wide arch.  There was Lon floating face down.  He was kicking his legs and arms as if trying to turn over but he couldn’t.  His muscle were so bloated his face wasn’t even close to the water as he bobbed in the waves.  The shock was soon turned to laughter from the crowd.

Sky maneuvered the boat between the shore and Lon.  Sky was laughing with the rest,  “That suit inflatable, Lon?”

Joe had been forgotten for the moment but Sky gasped when he noticed the grunting man.  By now Joe was stretched out across the floor grunting and groaning.   He looked as if he was trying to hulk out of the suit. He bounced as he tried to sit up to see what had happened to Lon.

Sky’s shock melted into laughter.  “You both got inflatable suits on!  What a couple of clowns.”  Cole and Joe both glanced up at Sky who was filming it all with his phone.

Joe grunted, “I don’t feel so good.”

To Be Continued
Sorry for the delay.  I finished the story tonight - though the last bit might be a little rough.  I hope you enjoy it as Cole plays with his buddies.  Things are busy here so might be a while till the next part.  If you enjoy it be sure to let me know.    Later.


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