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The Blow Up Part 2
Ray Nichols was in his mid thirties.  He was Josh’s boss and acted as his bodybuilding coach.  He had competed as a younger guy and enjoyed helping others out when he could. He thought Josh had some real potential for bodybuilding, more than he had had at Josh’s age. Ray was a big guy and weighed about 230, sometimes more.  No longer competing, he rarely dieted down.  Despite the higher body fat, few would not recognize him as a bodybuilder.  

He was just unlocking the back door at 5:00 AM the next morning when Josh’s car came squealing into the lot.  Josh usually came in after his college courses were done about three and took over the place for him.  He never showed up so early.  

“What the hell has gotten into you this morning?”  Ray asked with a grin as Josh slammed the car into park and jumped out.  The young man slapped his hands on the hood as he ran around the car.  Josh was normally a pretty calm guy but he was bouncing off the ground and talking a mile a minute.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa there. I can’t understand a word you just said”, Ray said holding a meaty hand in the air.  “You taking to coking up as part of your contest prep?”

“Look at me… LOOK AT ME!”  Josh yelled.  The young man slid his ball cap to the back of his head.  Josh had on a skin tight blue long sleeved Under Armor shirt and gray cotton sweats and sandals.    He hopped back from Ray and held his arms out at his sides with his palms facing forward.

“Nice goose egg.”  Josh sported a good-sized lump on his forehead from the night before.  

  The young bodybuilder grinned and shook his head in the negative.  He pointed his index fingers of his outstretched hands toward his torso.  Josh looked huge.  The shirt and normally baggy pants stretched over his thick full muscles.  The young man wasn’t even flexing just standing relaxed and his muscles stood out at full attention all over his body.

“Now that’s more like it”, Ray said.  “You been moaning and groaning for nothing.”  Ray flipped through the mail he’d retrieved from the box.  Every couple of moments he would look up and stare at the young man thinking “Holy shit he looks like he gained about 20 pounds of muscle.”

They stepped into the gym and Ray turned on the lights.  The old tube lights blinked and flickered a moment before they kicked in.  Josh nearly knocked Ray over as he hurried past him in the doorway and headed straight to the mirrors.  

“Now what were you saying out there?”

Josh began flexing in front of the mirror with his eyes on his reflection.  He posed and flexed hard.  His body responded as his muscles tensed up and swelled.  Even through his tight shirt veins could be seen popping out on his muscles.  Deep valleys separated his muscles, highlighting their bulk.  His definition was incredible.  Every individual muscle stood out as if he didn’t have an ounce of fat on his body.  Josh was looking freaky.

Josh stopped posing catching his breath.  He turned to his coach.  “Ok, I’ve got to tell you about last night. You’re not going to believe this shit.”  So he began his story following Ray as he walked through the gym towards his office.  All the while Josh told his tale about closing up and the sudden storm and the crazy muscled guy.  

The office chair squealed as Ray sank his bulk into it and leaned back. Ray wished he had a buck for every story he had to sit through about some muscle dude somebody knew.  Every body had a brother, a neighbor, a guy from work or some friend of a friend who was this incredible freak who could bench 600, had 25” arms and would soon be the new Arnold. Oh yeah and “he’s natural” too. He’d heard them all.  Ray knew it came with the territory being a gym owner and bodybuilder but it didn’t mean it didn’t wear thin.  Ray was surprised that Josh was the one spreading the BS, as the two often joked about the fantasies that people tried to pass off as fact. Josh jumped up and sat on top of his desk.  He flexed and rubbed his arms and chest as he continued his story.  Ray didn’t say a word - just listened as he flipped through mail on his desk until Josh told him about the vial of medicine.

“Whoa… you telling me that you took some shit from a stranger off the street?”  Ray grumbled.

“You should have seen the guy.  He was J-A-C-K-E-D”

“I don’t care what he was” Ray cut in.  “Do you even know what it was he gave you?”

“No but at the time I figured he must have known you or why else would he have shown up at the gym.  Tall guy with long hair... He’s a foreigner, about your age…”   Josh had been talking a mile a minute but the look on Ray’s face was making him uneasy.

The older man glared at him and shook his head in the negative.  “I don’t know anybody like that.  What did you say, “At least 6’5”, over 300 pounds and totally ripped.” I think I’d remember a guy like that.”

“Shit, to look at the guy, Ray!  I…I mean … come on, he was unreal.  He was strong as an ox.  I swear his arms were 25” around.  I figured he must have known what he was doing.  But …but forget that.  That’s not the point.  Look at me.”

Josh jumped to his feet in front of Ray and spread his arms out once again relaxed and turned before the older man.

“Yeah, yeah you’re big and ripped.  And this is the point! You have no frigging clue what he gave you, so you don’t know how it works, if it will last or what it might do to you down the road.  For all you know that bottle might have been enough to jack up a whole football team.  Jeez, I figured you to be a hell of a lot smarter than that Josh!”

Josh took a step closer waving his hands as he looked down shaking his head, “No no  no.  I said to him I wanted some medicine to blow my muscles up.”

Ray looked up at him and shrugged, “So what da ya want me to say?  I’d say they must work, you look like you gained 20 pounds over night.”  Josh stood right in front of his coach.  Ray noticed a sound when the young man moved, a slight squeak or rustling almost like rubbing a finger across leather.  Ray wondered if it was Josh’s shoes but he’d kicked off his sandals.

Josh stepped up closer to him.  Josh was nearly standing on top of him with the older man’s face in line with his waist.  Ray’s eyes came to rest on Josh’s ripped belly.  Through the tight shirt he could see a bulge about where his navel should be.  It looked as though his belly button was sticking out.  Not that he had given it much thought but Ray didn’t remember Josh having had an outie before.  With the skin-tight shirt and the man standing on top of him, there was little mistaking that he had an obvious lump standing out on his belly.

“What am I suppose to be seeing?  What you got a hernia on top of it all?”

“No it’s not a hernia.”  Josh pulled the tail of the shirt out of his pants and rolled the tight blue fabric over his ripped abs.  He stopped once he had exposed his navel to his boss - well what should have been his navel.  There in the middle of his belly was what appeared to be a flesh colored valve stem similar to those on a beach ball.  His skin curled around stem just like any navel only to have a skin toned stem with a cap erupting from its center.

Ray stared at it for a moment silently.

Ray broke the silence by yelling, “Get the fuck away from me you wise ass.  This ain’t April Fool’s Day.”  Ray jumped up brushing the young man aside roughly with his shoulder as he walked out of the office muttering.  “I’ve got work to do.  Play me like a stupid fool.  What the hell is up with you anyway?  Most people just get lazy and bitchy when they are depleted before a show. You turn into a fucking comedian.  I ain’t got time for no bullshit.  Jeez, I can’t believe you got up at the crack of down to pull some bullshittin prank?”

Josh followed red faced.  “No… no… Look at me.  It’s no joke.”

“Shut the hell up”, Ray barked as he started his morning chores while slamming things on the counter. He turned to face the body builder.  “What … you glue that thing on there?  Or I suppose you got some suit on or padding under your clothes.  You’re a real joker.”  Ray muttered, “Wise ass”, as he started to run some water into the juice bar sink.  Ray was embarrassed he had sat and listened to his long bullshit story.

Josh stuttered, “ I…I ain’t pulling any jokes. Ray.  This is real. Whatever it was that guy gave me made me inflatable.”  Josh pulled the shirt over his head and dropped his pants.  He stood before Ray in black poising trunks, for all practical purposes looking like any bodybuilder’s ideal.

“You’re inflatable”, the gym owner repeated, not even looking up at the man.  “The only thing inflated on you is that space between your ears.  Give it a rest, man.  Nice try but I ain’t falling for it.”  The older man looked around the room.  “You filming this for some comedy show or something?  I’m in no mood for this crap today.   Joke’s over.”

“I wish it was a joke”, Josh replied.  He stood watching his boss with a worn out look on his face.

Ray looked at him for moment.  It sure as hell wasn’t any suit.  He could see Josh’s tan lines as he tugged the poising suit into a more comfortable position.  Josh was studying his reflection again in the mirror as he rubbed his left pec.  An old scar on Josh’s left forearm was easily seen against his tanned skin.  Ray walked over to Josh and grabbed the stem protruding from his waist and felt it gingerly between his thumb and forefinger.  It felt just like a rubber stem from an air mattress.  He squeezed it flat and then let it spring back to its normal shape.  He tugged it slightly and felt resistance.  He pulled a bit harder.  Josh stumbled toward him a step or two and then tried to push him away with his forearm on the coach’s chest while he turned away at the waist.  Josh said, “Ray …” but nothing more as his face turned red and tightened as if he were in pain.

Ray didn’t let go.  “I’m supposed to believe that hurts.”  He pulled harder determined he would expose the younger man’s prank.

Josh’s face reddened as he winched with pain.  “Knock it off.  It isn’t coming off.”  He pushed Ray back hard but not before grabbing one of his nipples through the front of his tee shirt and giving it a twist and a sharp tug.   “Let’s see if I can pull this off!”

Ray let go of the valve and knocked Josh’s hand away from his chest.  “Son of a bitch”, he muttered, his chest smarting from the titty twister.  Josh leaned one hand on the counter and rubbed his reddened belly.  

“You think I haven’t tried that already?  Feels like I’m trying to pull my guts out.”

Ray sat down attempting to make sense of what had just happened.  Ray looked the young man in the face for the first time noticed how tired and worn out he looked.  His eyes were puffy and blood shot.

Josh looked over at the man and said, “You haven’t seen the half of it.”  The young bodybuilder reached down and pulled the plug from the stem in his belly.  The plug hung beside the stem by a flap of what appeared to be skin.  A faint hiss could be heard.  

“What are you doing?”  Ray asked startled.

“Don’t worry.  I’ve been messing with it most of the night.  I couldn’t sleep after I got home.  I just didn’t feel right.  I was too keyed up after everything that had happened, I guess.  When I did sleep I had wild nightmares. I felt like I was sleeping on the head of a pin and would fall off at any minute.  Finally I just got out of bed and gave up on falling asleep on my own.  It must have been about 1:30.  I felt stiff and tight when I moved.  I just… just felt… bloated.”

As Josh talked he paced back and forth with his head down curling his arms and flexing occasionally.   Ray noticed that his muscles did seem to be slowly shrinking.   All the while he could hear the constant hiss as Josh continued with his story.  Despite what he was seeing Ray had trouble believing his eyes.

“I went to the bathroom to take a leak and to look for a sleeping pill.  That was when I noticed the change.  I thought I was dreaming but it was no dream.  I looked tons better than when I’d went to bed.  I couldn’t believe the change in the past hour or two.  I looked better than Monday even.  It was like I went to bed and gained 20 pounds like you said. Then I noticed this thing sticking out of me.  I thought it was just something I’d laid on. I don’t know  … a button off a shirt or something.   I tried to brush it off.   But it didn’t move.  It felt like a part of me like touching my ear or something.  I could feel my hand touching it. Scared the hell out of me.  I know this is crazy but that guy did something to me to cause this.  I remembered how he said that he had solved my problems and the medicine would “blow my muscles up good.”  You see what I’m getting at - he made my muscles inflatable.  I know… I know…its nuts but look at me.”  

Josh stopped walking and turned to face Ray.  His body was indeed thinner.  Ray for once was speechless as he watched Josh shrink.  Josh sat down on a near by bench and the sound of the hiss grew louder.   He rounded his shoulders and flexed his upper body as he bent forward at the waist.  The hiss grew louder still.  Ray reached over and held two fingers a few inches away from Josh’s valve stem.  There was a steady stream of air flowing through the nozzle.  Ray gently pushed a finger over the valve stopping the flow for moment.  

“ Pretty fucking freaky, huh?”   Josh asked tiredly but managed to grin.  

Ray was dazed.  Josh was considerably smaller now.  He had even lost that bodybuilder look.  He sported a lean muscled tone with the emphasis on lean.  Where moments before he had sported plump full muscles, they had been reduced to ridges and bumps.  Josh looked down and seemed satisfied with proving his point.  He took the plug and pushed it into the stem.   Josh stood up and flexed his arms for effect.  Ray doubted they would tape out at 15”.  

“ I look like a swimmer.”  He turned and did a crab shot. His chest looked flat and his shoulders even seemed bony.   Ray could faintly make out his ribs.  “Now the fun part.”  Josh picked up his pants off the floor and pulled a coiled hose from one of the pockets.  He opened the valve and plugged the hose into his navel.  The sound of leaking air could be heard once more.  Josh raised the hose to his mouth and blew into the hose.  He took a deep breath and blew again.  There was no noticeable change.  

“This takes a while.”  Josh said as he paused to catch his breath.  He then continued to blow into the hose again and again.  Slowly his body began to respond.  With each breath his muscles began to puff up.  As the moments passed each breath seemed to have a stronger effect as Josh’s definition returned.  Gradually his muscles began to bloom in unison with the air he forced into the hose.  Swell, pause, swell, pause; there was a rhythm to his growth.  Josh was red faced from the effort and felt light headed.  Ray reached out and put a large hand over Josh’s right bicep.  With each breath he could feel Josh’s arm swell slightly bigger.  He left his hand there for a few moments as the younger man’s arm grew bigger forcing Ray’s grasp to spread open as if he held onto a long balloon.

Ray sat with his mouth open as he watched Josh inflating.  After a couple minutes there was quite a noticeable change.  Josh was ripped with incredible definition.  Each muscle was plump and full on his frame.  He wasn’t as big as when he’d showed up but he was big enough to have made a definite impression on his dazed coach.

Josh was winded as he stopped blowing in to the hose feeding his growth and closed up the valve.  “You believe me now?”  Ray simply nodded his head in affirmation.   The young man leaned against the counter catching his breath. He circled the snack bar fetching a bottle of water and draining it “Nobody will believe this.  You’re the only one I could trust.  I don’t know what to do.”  The two were quiet for a moment.

“I guess I need to get an air compressor”, he said sheepishly trying to lighten the mood.  

“Well, I can help you there. I brought in a small one to run my brad gun.  I was going to repair that trim work in the locker room later.  Hold on.”  Ray got up and went out to his car and returned with a small compressor made of a small round tank and electric pump about the size of a gas can.  He locked the door when he entered and dropped the blinds in the windows.

The young man’s eyes brightened.  “Cool”, Josh said.  

There was an attachable pipe fitting for blowing up air mats and such that Ray replaced the air chuck with.  He handed the hose to the pneumatic body builder.  Josh plugged the hose into his navel as Ray adjusted the airflow volume down to a trickle.  Josh reached over and hit the on switch.

Brrrrrrrr… the compressor kicked on with a metallic hum.  The effect of the compressor was light stages beyond what Josh had done on his own.    Josh’s body began a slow but steady inflation.   

Josh laughed for the first time that morning as he looked down watching his muscles take on air and blow up.  “Can you believe this shit?”  He called out to his coach over the racket of the machine.  He intently watched the process in the mirrors.

No, Ray couldn’t believe what he saw.  Josh’s body was slowly morphing through competitive weight classes as he stood before him.  His body filled and stretched in response to the air flowing into him.  Before long the ballooning man looked like a heavy weight.  The man’s shoulders broadened and his chest rose slowly but steadily with the inflation.  His traps became more pronounced as if he was constantly flexing as they rose up around his thickening neck.  His lats ballooned, widening his back.   Josh’s obliques filled like fingers over his ribs highlighting his V taper.  His waist remained tight though his abs and separations became deeper and more pronounced.  Josh’s quads, always had been one of his strong features; swelled wider by the second with mounds of thicken muscle across their surface.  The three muscles of the quads swelled like balloons under the skin.  His hams grew ridiculously thick, as did his ass.

Josh began to poise and flex as he grew, enjoying the effect the compressor had on his build.  He walked around as much as the hose in his navel allowed trying out the feel of his swelling bulk.

“What’s it feel like?”  Ray asked.

“It’s crazy.  I have a flutter in my belly like riding a roller coaster or something.  Kind of tickles, I guess.  But the rest of me… it doesn’t hurt.” He reassured his coach, “It’s like I’m made of rubber.   Feels like the best pump I ever had though, only it’s all over my entire body.  This shit is cool.  I feel like there is no end to how big I can get.  It’s like I can blow up like a parade balloon if I want.  This is some freaky shit, I tell ya.”  Josh grinned and did a crab shot, squeezing his over blown muscles for all he was worth.

Josh was enjoying his inflation, hitting poises and flexing when he wasn’t squeezing his swollen muscles.  His body rapidly swelled wider and thicker.  He easily looked as though he weighed 300 but was totally ripped.  Josh turned and flexed his wide back for his coach showing off its incredible width and amazing definition.  His upper back was not only wide but also thick, ridiculously overshadowing his lower torso.  He sported the sharp Christmas tree like impression where the bloated muscles of the upper back bordered the flatter ridged muscles of his lower back.  Even without flexing, the effect was prominently visible.  He then did a double bicep and thrust back his left leg flexing his hamstrings hard.  His hams were thicker than most lifters thighs.  It was unreal how big he looked.  Mound upon mound of swelling muscle covered him from head to toe.  His hands even looked bloated and his fingers had grown thicker.  The thickening muscle hugged his torso like rippled armor yet he still sported a wild taper to his upper body.  Josh’s tight waist gave him an exaggerated X shape.  His legs swelled out in a deep arch from his hips to his knees before flaring again to encompass his puffed up calves.  His quads pressed together from just above the knee up to his crotch forcing his legs apart to make room for ballooning muscle.  When he took a step his quads shifted and rolled over one another with each step.  The bodybuilder’s poising suit had stretched to keep up with his growth but now fit more like a thong.  The front covered his privates but just barely; holding them as if stuck in a black nylon bag.  The back of the suit had all but disappeared between the two globes of his muscle blimped ass.  Josh hoped it didn’t give out as he was enjoying his inflation.

The width of his lower body kept pace with his ever widening back as his lats filled with air.  His arms rested on the great bulk of them, all the while continuing to blow up.  Josh’s arms were a series of swelling globes.  Both heads of his biceps fought for room under his skin, as did his thick triceps.  The great mass of his delts stood out above all like balls broadening his shoulders like a suited up football player.  His forearms were nearly as big as Ray’s meaty thighs and had begun to restrict Josh’s movement as he bent and flexed the massive guns.

Josh’s movement slowed as he continued to swell.  His overblown muscles were slowly starting to immobilize him. Ray noticed the sound he had heard earlier when Josh had stepped closer to him.  Only it was louder and nearly constant.  Whenever he moved the sound of rubber stretching filled the air.  The sounds grew stronger whenever Josh moved or raised his arms.  Even the muscles in Josh’s face had blown up accentuating his strong jaw and cheekbones.  Despite the swollen face his head looked too small for his hulking muscle bound body.  His traps had by now over taken his thick neck while his enormous pecs had risen under his chin and was holding his head up.  Josh was growing well beyond anything remotely human.

“Maybe we should turn this off?”  Ray said as he reached over and tripped off the compressor.  

Josh grinned as he whined, “But I’m just starting to have fun.  I’m nowhere near big enough yet Coach.”  He walked slowly toward his boss swinging from side to side as his thighs rolled over one another exaggerating his swagger.  

“Feel my chest and arms’, he challenged Ray as he swung his stiffened torso toward the older man.  “I’ve got plenty of room to grow, little man”, he joked.  

Ray didn’t know which was funnier: Josh swollen like some bodybuilder on helium or the fact that he wanted more.  The kid could barely walk as it was and his arms only bent a few degrees before their pneumatic mass overwhelmed his joints.  Ray reached up and poked a meaty finger into Josh’s delt not sure what to expect.  It was firm and yet he could sink his finger into its surface.  He grabbed the delt between his two hands and squeezed noting how far apart the muscle held his paws.  It made him think of holding a basketball in his hands.  He had never felt anything like it.  He dropped his hands down around Josh’s upper arm.  Ray’s hands would need to have been twice as large to circle his enormous arm.  Ray laughed out loud as he squeezed his arm as hard as he could feeling the air shift slightly under his hands.  Josh bent his arm as best he could and Ray felt it pump up larger before shrinking with each movement.  He then reached over and cupped Josh’s left pec lifting it slightly.  It was enormous rippled mound but felt weightless in his hand.

“What do ya say coach?  See plenty of room to grow.”  Josh joked letting out a hearty laugh.     He took a couple of steps toward the mirror and tried to reach down for the hose but with all the bloated muscle in the way couldn’t catch hold of it.  He realized he wouldn’t have been able to plug up the stem if he had removed the hose so turned to Ray.  

“How about some help here.  Unhook me and put the plug in.  I’d like to move around a bit.”

Ray leaned down under the great shelf of Josh’s upper body and popped the hose out of his belly.  A strong hiss filled the air.  He squelched the leaking air with his thumb until he could replace it with the plug.  He reached one arm around the back of the inflated man to steady him as he plugged up the stem.  Josh stumbled back a bit in response to Ray efforts of forcing the plug home into his belly.

Josh stood studying his reflection in the mirror.  His movement was so restricted.  He could only move his arms about five inches in any direction.  With his over blown muscles it looked as though he had pulled his neck into his torso and was trying to flex every time he raised and lowered his arms.  When he took a step his gate was slow and lumbering as if he weighed a ton. He would turn his wide upper body to the right slowly and force his legs apart.  Then he would stiffly thrust his left leg forward; his knee barely able to bend.   Then he would swing to the left and follow with his right leg.  Josh’s body was so over blown he looked as though a more natural mode of travel would be to just float into the air like a man shaped balloon.

Josh said, “Hey, get a tape and take some measurements.”

Ray disappeared into his office and returned with a tape.  “I got the long one – 120 inches.”   He held the end of the tape up to show the swollen man.   It took some maneuvering to get the tape around his chest.  Josh was able to raise his arms enough for Ray to get the tape under and then he held the tape pinned in his arm pits till Ray was able to get the ends together.

Ray called out the readings and then slung the tape around another body part.

“82 inches chest”
“31 inches left upper arm”
“23 inches forearm”
“35 inches waist”
“48 inches left quad”
“32 inches left calf”

“Damn”, Josh said.  “Take a measurement across my shoulders”

Ray stretched the tape out across his back measuring from the center of his left delt to his right.

“52 inches wide.  Damn, you’re one big son of bitch.   I think you might have some trouble getting through doorways in this shape.”

“I’d blow everybody away if I walked on stage like this?" Josh strutted as best he could with his chin up as if he was walking on stage in the stiff but so called “relaxed” poise competitors used.  He turned and then bounced his arms the few degrees of their limited range of movement as if he were doing a crab shot. “Pow!” he mugged. Hamming it up he strained, bouncing his head into his bloated chest and holding his breath till his face was red while holding a ridged grimacing smile. “Pow!” He then straightened up, twisting a bit at the waist and raising his arms a few inches as best he could toward a double bicep pose.  “Pow”, shaking his head as if straining with all his might.  “The crowd roars”, he said, as he made hushed cheering sounds.

“Yeah …Yeah…Yeah…  That valve stem in your gut might be hard to explain. ”

“I suppose so”, Josh said suddenly serious as he relaxed.  “I don’t suppose we could pass it off as some new form of body ornament like a piercing.”  Josh looked suddenly downcast. “Then there would still be the fact that I sound like I’m the Michelin Man ever time I move an inch.”

“We might be able use this to increase supplements sales.  We could rig you up to a hidden tank every time you have a protein shake, you could morph up about 20 pounds worth. That would turn some heads,” Ray said, trying to cheer him up.

Josh laughed, “Sales might go through the roof at first but I usually have four a shift.  Four shakes worth of inflation, I’d hardy be able move an inch.  Most of the crowd here wants to get huge but it might scare some off when I blow up like a weather balloon.  Might be some fallout over that.”

Ray said, “Step up on the scales for a weigh in big guy.”

The inflated man wasn’t sure he could as he made his way onto the scale.  He made a couple of tries to balance on the now too narrow pad but was unable to force his feet together enough to stand of the scale.

“Hold on”, Ray stopped him.  He disappeared to the back and returned with a piece of plywood.  He laid it across the platform creating a wider berth for the swollen man.  After balancing the scale to account for the piece of wood, Ray held on to his arm and helped Josh step up on the scale.  “194 same as yesterday”

“Could you imagine showing up for my regular weight class at this size.”  They both laughed at the idea.  “I bet I’d get on the cover of “Flex” for sure – out muscle freak all the muscle freaks.”  As big as Josh now looked, if he had been filled with anything but air he would easily weighed over 500 pounds.

“Congress would be calling for an investigation.  Nobody would believe you are Natural”, Ray joked.

Josh stepped down off the scale.   He walked over toward the wall turning his back to it.  The swollen man bent over as best he could before he dropped back slowly, sitting down on his cushioned ass and backside.  The air was filled with the sounds of his bloated muscles rubbing together as he settled onto his cushioned backside, half sitting and half lying against the wall.  His head sunk deeply into his bloated shoulders and his arms rose stiffly from his torso like blistered sausages.

“Aaaah, more comfortable than a bed.”  Josh joked as he rested a bit.  “I could sleep right here.”

“You maybe should think about losing a few pounds before some of the customers show up?”  Ray said glancing at the large clock on the wall.

“Yeah, you’re right.  You mind pulling the plug.”  Josh asked seriously.  Ray knelt down next to the inflated man pulling the plug out of his wildly quilted abs.  The hiss was loud as he slowly began to shrink.  It took several minutes before he regained some movement.  Josh replaced the plug and rolled over on his side slowly using a bench to get to his feet.  He had shrunk but was still enormously blown up.  He walked toward the mirror pulling his trunks into a more comfortable position.  He poised before the mirror for a few moments.

“I kid you not, Ray.  That crazy fucker last night was easily this big only 7 or 8 inches taller. He was freaky.”  The young man stared at his reflection for a moment before pulling the plug out of his navel again.  He began gathering up his clothes pausing for moment while he shrank down.  After a few minutes when he was sure he was small enough, Josh stepped into his pants stretching them over his massive legs.  He then pulled the elastic fabric shirt over his head and struggled to slip his arms down the sleeves.  His arms looked as if they had been painted light blue once his hands emerged out of the sleeves.  He pulled the front of the shirt down but the back of the shirt hung up over his thick back.  Ray walked over and pulled the shirt down over his upper back until Josh could once again tuck it into his pants.  Josh finally happy with his pneumatic bulk replaced the plug into his navel before tucking the front of his shirt in. His clothes fit over his blown up bulk but just barely.

“What now”, his coach asked?  

The young man put on his cap backwards and put on a pair of shades.  “I need to get some rest.  Can I borrow this?”- pointing to the air compressor.

“Sure”, Ray nodded good-naturedly.

“I’ve got some experimenting to do. But first, I better get some new clothes.   I’m thinking more spandex might be in order.  I’m going to blow off classes and sleep but will be back later.”

Ray walked to the parking lot with the air muscled man.  Josh waved after he squeezed his bulk behind the wheel.    He looked like he needed to be greased up to fit into the driver’s seat.  Ray shut the door for him saying, “If you’re going to go around blown up like that, you need to get a bigger car.”

Josh laughed and said, “I hear ya, man.  Hey, if the foreign dude shows up again…keep him here and call me.  Be careful if he wants to do a favor for you though.”  

“Will do”, Ray promised, happy to see Josh still had his sense of humor.
Part 2 - sotory continues as Josh visits with his boss about the night before.
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